Monday, March 04, 2013


Silent, I
Black as Gold
When you hide
Catching every shadow which claims your Face
How could I take shelter in that Storm ?
Where whirlwind flies, and paints each page
A forest scene, the clouds now conceal
I am alone and smiling (such a secret)
Hiding behind tresses golden
And memories of eyes green, and smell of orchids
Solitary, Never to be seen, Never to be seen
You will come back to me, come back to me
Here is the Fountain, burns a path towards the River
You’ve been drinking the honey which flows through it forever
In my Breath every star and seed, blown kisses
Fed and fertilized by seven-winds,
And your Eyes are open wide to receive
Every single time, every single time
You are always to be seen
Here is an Amber vein, a porcelain vessel
A fiery apple to produce pulse, and a flower for each organ
And conscious-trembling, and weeping by the ocean
And Opening a thrown Kiss, upon its silver face, that sea
It is just for you and me, just for you and me
Lying on your side, you looked through me
In wonder, you were a child then and I witnessed
I saw you for a fleeting moment
Loveliest child, always hiding
And she runs away through the rosebushes
And in the forest hid, waiting for a Prince
Never to be seen, never to be seen
I am just one more memory, just one more memory

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bridal Chamber (in progress)

1. .: Let it here be sung of the Bath of the King and Queen; and previous;
2. .: Before I nestled in the Heart of a Rose-Garden, born in the Orient.
3. .: Before I sought my Mate to Redeem me, before I could Dream.
4. .: Before I called the new Sun up and thrust its golden lance;
5. .: That it might land upon a stone slab to throw seed.
6. .: A Light upon the Ashes of a former King.
7. .: For a Tomb in the Earth is to be Opened.
8. .: And I Awaken, as shall you, each in a stone-circle.
9. .: And finally peer in wonder from the cradle and the crypt.
10. .: Forgetting about everything as to look forward, when,
11. .: We turn in the prayer-circle and scatter;
12. .: Like a dozen pearls to mark our perimeter;
13. .: And you, my love, lead me to the outer-edge;
14. .: And back again;
15. .: I lie nested in Nights-tresses;
16. .: I have lain beneath and between thy pale breasts, oh my Lady, and I Remember.
17. .:Auranos enters in with Thee, Oh star-wrought Maid, and the burgeoning-worlds yet unmade, now concentrate their lights through the Eye of Thy Heart, so calm and hollowed;
18. .: How could it be that we sat in Silence through each apocalypse, cheek to cheek beneath the pall of the purple-burning cloud, which descended upon us like a cleansing rain, and from each-other, never turned away?
19. .: Innumerable are her blessings; A palm-full of possibilities are plucked from the Pale of her breasts, half-hid in the shadow cast;
20. .: A countenance upon calm waters, half-sleeping upon a vapourous-bed; and Angels lifted from Sleep responding through the echoes in her ear, the drone of drums and the sensual moaning through polished-shell , calling into columns the builders, the stone-layers and thread-weavers,; Now designing a hood of foam to hide her girth, a dome over hell and earth;
21. .: She is half-dreaming of creations to come, and her milk mixes with the outflow of waters, running like tears down the island of her cheek, into her lightless lap, where I am waiting.

22. .: And every Center of Light shorn from the coagulate and marrow, is asked in the Silent-chamber, "Am I not Thy Lord?", "Am I not the Friend?"
23. .: And Therein your Smile boar me as in an arc of light, that same, a scythe to cut me down in my Glory:
24. .: As I am Thy Sacrifice, a Mercy unto myself, and you are my Light appointed, with my Eros you are anointed;
25. .: And this oil I pour over your pale flesh, burns like no other, consecrates the living-armor, the clay of thy encasement; Nothing may remain without meaning, without sense; All is Intelligence.
26. .: Within the arc of that Smile, every living-thing awoke, the countless limbs of the black mammoth-tree upheld each heaven upon heaven upon heaven, and a Mountain was hollowed for thy laughter to fill with every wood and flowering-plant, every seed-metal by breath, unfurled.
27. .: An erosion now of , of death, doubt, and such things begging nonexistent; The Breath of Lights bled the birthing-clay, and Spirit called forth a thousand prophets for every concealed purpose to maintain, that the Grail could continue to collect, and give measure.
28. .: And the pulse of flowers-hands like petals grasping at Inner Unseen Heaven (where the Living now dwells) in Secret skipping from leaf to leaf, from cliff to cliff, walking across water, laughing unheard upon and over the Walls of the Winds;
29. .: Flowers frosted in golden ice-encasements, waiting for some Revelation, and branches burned like brass, whose blossoms sought out each others comfort, or presence to reflect.
30. .: And You blew upon the seed-bed, and gently rocked the babe in an estuary.
31. .: And the Earth is yearning for the rain, the fire for the airs.
32. .: When you held your hands before your pale-belly, flesh pink falling and raising, your ten slender fingers locked in embrace to activate each dead-element, previous divided before newborn took breath, and you fanned yourself as you praised, and your pleasure from the dust was raised;
33. .: And how many orchids could I count upon my Path? As I followed thee here and there, at times forgetting, lost in perfumed chambers, or asleep under sun-domed oaks in the stillness of summer, I sometimes awoke before your Door.
34. .: And if I entered In,all my agonies were dissolved: All my disgraces, my temporal imaginings, my flights of fancy. (and even these you held and manifest surely)
35. .:So, you have come to my House in the dead winter at Night, and asked me to tell a tale.
36. .: But I am only a Slave, and voices are wicked indulgence. All I have is my Breath, and if God Wills, it will be sweet .
37. .: Before a Bridal Chamber where I could embrace you in Silence forever, yet still walk with you, never leaving.
38. .: You can never truly be alone, I am always Waiting.
39. .: I am with you now and my breath is upon this page as a degraded voice upon stormy-waters.
40. .: But perhaps our Love shall still them, and the Sea shall be at Peace.
41. . And the Pearl reclaimed.
42. .: Age upon weary Age shall pass just as they came, a fear or trembling in the air;
43. .: Until the Blood of the Sun saturates me through and through, from height to depth, and I am extinguished in a curl of smoke.
44. .: So unveil before me Oh Lady; There is no shame in unfolding thy tresses, in parting thy dark eyelashes to reveal the Image of thy newborn whom you love so well.
45. .: I am coming through Thee, as a Song from your arched lips, a lovely lullaby in formation, now manifesting as an energy and flesh three bodied, and my cry melts the lead in ones mired-heart.
46. .: Look upon the amniotic-bed upon which this giant sleeping lay; My corona is unfolding, my heart and organs are taking shape, my veins and vessels searching;
47. .: A sleeping-babe lost in dream primordial, beyond beginnings and endings, beyond achings, soon to stir. And the shadow of One word parts in breath a thousand vacant-fires in Praise of the Creator. And the Light o'er his bed is bent as bars in octaves over-rushing as fertile-waters upon a hanging-garden, between both lesser Ocean and Ocean, cradle meeting cradle, and lullaby soon to set the Seat of the Moon rocking...rocking. His tongue of fire soon to speak in mimicry. A terrible cry to tear the roof off Heaven.
48. .: The Oceans of gold congeal like sweet honey as to feed the birthing, a bathing-child ...the child...and it seems as you've been misled by a sensual-memory, now thinking Essence fled (as a thief from the fields, stealing a golden apple from a babes hand when lips long, an apple so burst with light, whose wine is ever-sustaining; The Giants frame is laid from measured height to depth, amisdst a burning-mountain, with hair like thousand-limbed trees star-riven and shining as rivulets runn across Nights back, and sinking choirs encircle the heightless Mount behind, moaning "Mercy !!! Mercy!!! Mercy!!!" to me; and the mechanism of the cosmos is unwound and released; Time is the Lie that you may buy into; Fear of death is proof of Sleep, and upholds the Holy-Lie; And even still, though all limbs would climb in Praise as Nature does, we lie dumb and unaware, arrogant in cloistered-reason, remote from Inner-Sun and its balm....still you bear breath. This has been ordained for but one moment, until the Grace comes and quickens, so Lift thy wings and ride the airs, inhale the wine and open thy heart, drown in yearning; A Dove sits at my Window as we Speak.
49. .: I am drawn to her Call;

50. .: In a Silent-grove I was Hidden, and I asked a question, and of a sudden Eternity-echoed a feminine-voice, the thunder-cloud wept, so musical and bright: "Why are you Hiding?"
51. .: My Lady, whose silver-lashes are branches enfolding my Silence in a singing-boat;
52. .: My Voice meets your weeping. I laugh aloud, for through the Well of thy suffering, thy love sits Silent like a white boat upon a crystal-pool, and my Lady looks over its lightning-rail into her own eyes lost in the eyelashes-arc of her own reflection; How could you capture a Voice Unsung and still track movement beneath a wave motionless ? The dolphin swims across a backdrop of Images-shattered, scattering like lashed dust in an oyster-cup, and the golden-stars fall in umber-clothing Revealing the Unseen, only seemingly; And the Drama played be not enacted by mere ghosts?
53. .: Now our Child is growing; The Airs bleed about my corona as I Imagine;
54. .: Generation, an in-Gathering between us; My throat sang full as a storm when I saw you so lonely upon the white-stone, begging the West winds to caresses the main, and the Sun to illumine the inner recesses of the great black-mountain Ocean-cloaked; A Voice of storm at storms edge.
55. .: The Mountain is frozen against the sky, Nights-maiden arises to meet me eye to eye;
56. .: Contraction of the eye, shadow-carved, a palace, burning like a Pearl; And the body encased in fragile weeping-ice unrolls like a blue-wave a flourishing-bed, with water-bonnet of silver-thread enclosing as a canopy, burning with orbs and roses all around
57. .: I am filling the framework laid, skin, bones, sweet-tissues in sweet-wine drunk;
58. .: In the joy-wept blood, clouds of iron to burst like ignited-water, soft-fires to dance, expand, collapse in a birthing-fire;
59. .: Oh, Child, Fruit of the Silver-tree! O Divine apple enrobed in the wool of fire!
60. .: Let the Gates be thrown aside; I am coming out, passing into open air;
61. .: I am a storm of flower opening, and my flesh cannot be contracted;
62. .: My eye shall appear pure, clear, blue, drinking in light,
63. .: Exchanging light for light as through my vision
64. .: Oh how the heavy-winds of light weigh the sleeping-children in the singing-grave;
65. .: Let me drink in that evil, that honeyed-poison and here let gather those heavy lights like lips upon my hearts-altar.
66. .: Love shall refine all that settles as silent-stones upon the bottom of the sea.

67. .: My Lady knows of no disease; She is plucking and scattering the milk-flowers in the Living-garden;
68. .: I can hear her as She sings through me, and my heart simulates the echo of the falling petals; They float upon the pools surface, and the Light casts her seven shadows upon the seven layers of the sweet-water.
69. .: But see thee not, my Lady collecting them again? She moves as my members in union, holding an Eternal-Image of herself, some-One I may pray to;
70. .: My Lady is in prayer; She prays to her image in those now trembling-waters; She is the Prayer in which all dissolves, in which all is Resolved;
71. .: Pluck a pebble from the stream; Whispers words-of-breath upon each stone; Blow a fragrant-name across its crescent, and gently place each in a silver-bowl.
72. Lift thy earthen cradle with thy breath, this Night,
73. And count the drum-beats from thine heart, birthed
74. Beneath the presence of the Lights, reined-in
75. About thy gathering-arms; Withdrawn, into the hidden-Well,
76. To rarify thy black-robes, to fashion bright-winds of flesh,
77. Submerge thy garments soiled in these waters,
78. And open thine eyes reflecting the surface above,
79. Light-strewn, as gold becomes grey, and my Ladys face
80. smiles; Paint thy cheek with black tears and bitter-oils,
81. And burn the whiteness of soft-day away in hells-furnace;
82. Thou art riven and furrowed for loves-sake,
83. And coffin-dirt is washed in your wounds; Black lady
84. Whom thy Child adores; Mother and Lover of the Hidden;
85. Gather thy Veil, upon veil evermore; Embracing all-worlds,
86. Sancrosanct, standing Silent in thy shadowed-niche of granite,
87. Thou, whose white eyes blind from the darkness,
88. And bleach each self-same world away
89. Until but One remains
90. .: All upon a leaf-boats breadth, my last breath rests, silent-running over the cradle unto the Lady’s calling-Pool; Seven revolutions my desire made, seven-spans of ill-weather, the sculpting of rough-winds, the burning of turned-earth and a dwelling-place refashioned;
91. .: All my Balance has been directed towards this Center; I redistribute my weight to meet your Embrace.
92. .: Forgive me if I hath moved the Stars in vain, my breath driving the Angels from their orbits.
93. .: But did not Her Voice command?
94. .: All this Light has been lifted like a fragrance; Awakened from the hidden-limbs of the daughter, cold and shivering in the confines of this Lilly tomb;
95. .: Not for a Moment more should I ask myself... Why?
96. .: I am One beneath the shadow and arching-force of each severed-letter; Her back is bent in Submission.
97. .: Beneath each torn-limb submerged in the dank water, beyond some Hidden Perfection mistakenly presumed profaned, I must once more lift myself up.
98. .: I blow upon the base of her spine, and my breath opens the contractions of her heart.
99. .: I am here beneath the bloodied sackcloth, intent and listening, and I hear mournful songs.
100. .: She says, "Suffering is the soul eclipsed by its own shadow, and tightly sealed".
101. .: She says, "My mind was lost upon the neatness of lines, the comfort of heavy-music and dull laughter coughed as a poison from diseased lungs."
102. .: She is content in disturbance. She is content to sit in the Winter garden, where the light of agony masqurades as Light of love.
103. .: She says, "Suffering to the King who sits beneath the mount which is cracked, leaking natures blood and airs, and whose pillars hath sunk into the dense-earth."
104. .: All fear to thy children;
105. .: All fear upon those who have brought chastisment upon themselves by the hoarding-nature, by the abstracting-desire,
106. .: Led forth inwardly, outwardly shut-up, as some mad-animal wounded and caged.
107. .: Would you go inwards deep enough to come outwards again?
108. .: Would you harrow Hell?
109. .: All-hallow running through the autumnal folds; Supplant with thy saintliness, the trees which stand like torches, trees burning like honey-fires, or like green tapestries of gilded satin, lambent yellows and golds like crushed velvet.
110. .: These living creatures are dying, are going to sleep at this moment it seems; The Winter is coming;
111. .: But for those who may Witness, They are all coming alive; These holy-objects which are setting afire the black soil of this world.
112. .: Burning with the Light of Consciousness a path above and beyond for me... still so near.
113. .: Where is this Light of Nur?
114. .: Here is the Light in my Hand;
115. .: Here is the Light in my Heart;
116. .: Here is the Light in my Eye;
117. .: I am thy cooling-light embodied, O my Love.
118. .: Do not forsake me, do not pass me by Unaware
119. .: I will worship the One who Remembers me.
120. .: I will Kneel before the One who shares a kind Word, a Smile.
121. .: I will Adore my Adorer, I will bow to Thee, oh lovely-stranger, who softly glances.
122. .: Running All-hallow through the autumnal fold, a golden-horse; My breath not enfolded as this saintly-flesh, this transforming-flag enfolded as Christ’s shroud, or a hidden prophets-rags, so much like you;
123. .: Its Banner is unfurled and blown by Silent-winds on the fragrant waters, these which stir atop my breast; Are you not with me?
124. .: Here is my breath for Thee, to inhale as a kiss;
125. .: Remember me, it says; There exists one who loves you;
126. .: Unroll the parchment which was sealed with holy-blood, a letter concealed before thy birth;
127. .: A letter placed by thy Lover in the undisturbed sanctuary, deep in the well of thy heart;
128. .: Thy Name is written on its surface like a Fire;
129. .: Between breaths, I have found my true nature Uncreated;
130. .: What have I to do with any wants or commands?
131. .: You may see a coffin lowered into the ground;
132. .: He asked, "Has this Light not found its ground?"
133. .: And It shall be nothing to Thee, until the moment of fulfillment, when the world-mountains crumble with the weight of Judgment, and love in Love is Resolved;
134. .: Oh, Lord, do not make this glance a burden, make it not a curse;
135. .: Rather let the light of these eyes coalesce; Gather the many fragmented-winds; Gather lights in a harmonic embrace, as drops of living dew upon the cradle of a leaf;
136. .: In each dewdrop a newborn World-Mountain; In each Mountainous half shadow, a valley of lunar blossoms and Pearl orchids;
137. .: Through each Valley, two-rivers running, converging, and parting; I am a third;
138. .: And in this rivers depths, this river of my vision, a swollen tear of two reflected as One, a Mercy tear;
139. .: In gravity’s release burst as a blue rose, dissolving in perfect parting,;
140. .: A perfect gathering, until Light, never decayed, is Realized;
141. .: Oh Light of Lights, descend and give through my Glance;
142. .: I shall not profane Thee, Oh Light; I shall not use these eyes to enslave or manipulate;
143. .: Oh Light of Light, let thy Intelligence guide and alight the dark corners before me;
144. .: Origin off All Sincerity, Giver of clear-water!
145. .: Let All the Worlds hear my cry for Forgiveness...
146. .: My cry of thanks to the Sustainer, the Provider.
147. .: I may ponder thy Image, one of many, as Thy Light eclipses any rare or lovely quality.
148. .: I am Thy Light Concealed; Oh my Lady...Reveal me at thy Will.
149. .: I am no hollow idol or barren couch of fire in mere display volcanic;
150. .: I am the burnt out cinder of a star sewn Silent on your shimmering dress;
151. .: This orchid torn from the mud roots feeding on expired Wrath, and breath faint, heavy and dim, mimicking an eternities lull.
152. .: I am as you left me, perhaps become better....perhaps worse;
153. .: My ears shall not discriminate between each ennea of steps, of moving-song in weave and war-of-breath.
154. .: I shall imagine thy heaven unfolded, and sit beside you here, one eve, in the field of Purity, where I found my shame.
155. .: I Exist; therefore the God-Lady departs; As my Trust in her is a Lie.
156. .: Let the hollowed stars resound as bells in the cavity of my chest... This was my Heart.
157. .: I Exist, here before the radiance of thy Face; Now you hide, in shyness smiling, your face hid in the arc of the shadow of your hand, as it draws a veil of watery light.
158. .: I Exist, and therefore you shall depart into the simmering folds;
159. .: Why would I cast thy loveliness out before the Light of my Being?
160. .: Only that I might pray; I shall, I must act contrary to my nature; This is a secret towards mastery they tell me; No doubt, though I have not obtained my absolution.

161. .: I am removing my wings before my face, moment upon moment, and I have no desire to fill out the hollow idols features;
162. .: Three tiny black pearls with the center of light, unplaceable;
163. .: One in the head, one in the chest, one in the abdomen.
164. .: The Point of Light is One, and it’s Fire is on mine Breath,
165. .: Its heat is on my tongue, now pressed against the roof of my mouth, as my eyes turn up and inward and the torch of my crown emblazons;
166. .: An Angel of fire in prayer, nailed to the sight of my sheath, where body meets body.
167. .: Its Song is in my voice, unheard, living in you;
168. .: I saw a stairwell of ascent conjured from the desert floor, the parting of sands soft of saffron;
169. .: And my heart parting, as a cloud of fire and lash of horsehair upon the air; Weeping, merciful light wept down about these bare shoulders;
170. .: I needed no helmet of gold or shell of Pearl; Perhaps I have hidden my wings which were my birthright;
171. .: I may ascend freely on a bridge of soft light only by forgetting myself, only in Remembrance of Thee am I free to come and go at Will, between Worlds;
172. .: Oh Uncreated Light, Oh Light of Knowing, Oh subtle Light of Intelligence, I see my Lady, now; I shall shape her and make her song manifest; I shall fill her from height to depth and cast my breath on her golden-clay;
173. .: I am in her arms now, embracing her in our Birth; Tell me, oh, lover, what is your desire?
174. .: Together we shall envision and fashion any garden or world, if God Wills; And in our passage we may find a cloud of perfection to walk in, and our kisses shall burn the sufferings of the world away.
175. .: Gather me in your folds Oh Voice! It cannot be, for by my grasping I am lent but a spectre;
176. .: Oh lovely shadow of beauty, I am abandoned here to die; I allow this calm and engathering as in a coat of wintry fires; I am emanating this secondary image and release from its source an octave of enclad mistressings;
177. .: What is this difference now between tomorrow and yesterday?
178. .: Between us this Isthmus, tomorrow cannot calm him, a bolting horse betraying his carriage;
179. .: This tomorrow which never shall come, so unknown to you;
180. .: As your yesterday now passed, still unseen, still unrevealed;
181. .: I lost myself in you...and I was never found again; This is my desire.
182. .: My Lady, who showered upon me wreaths from Above to warm...
183. .: The chilled images! Oh how they house those ghosts who would stroll slower than us;
184. .: How they refect our movements.
185. .: I am incarnating this history, a fragmented light of living-knowing;
186. .: The future pulls as an undiscovered lover...

187. : I lie nested in Nights-tresses;
188. : I have lain beneath and between thy pale breasts, oh my Lady, and I Remember.
189. : Come all ye nurturing winds, as the dulling-stars prayers are heightened to near Silence, my agony once more begins.
190. : My Lady has given me All, and asked for nothing in return; But my limbs are attached to nature still, and so I must Suffer.
191. : Walk away, Oh walk away now my Lord, for I have seen Thee in Thy Winter Palace, Snow-gardens surmounting, the facade of the Suns-fortress, walls of breathing-gold for protection thrown from Thee in Thy perpetual Mercy;
192. : Gifts offered in obeisance, Gifts returned as paupers payments.
193. : Now I am alone;
194. : Lower’st down here thy zephered drawbridge,
195. : I shall play in attendance at Thy table for this Great Banquet.
196. : I shall lay a bouquet near Thy burning-bed, I shall inhale Thy precious scent in Presence.
197. : For I am thrown as a Fire to ignite the black resin within hardened-veins,
198. : Liars of faith, angered way-layers conceiving our Order's demise; Oh ye apostates of war with your crooked smiles, I am Watching you close, closer than you think, even as your arrogance permits.
199. : I am Sick to see Thee in thy Sickness, emptied of my Light in thy Emptiness,
200. : Oh, to possess a Secret of Healing;
201. : But for thy agony and unease when Death hangs near, ever so near,
202. : Oh ye, love one another in thy cold, damp byre of Loss,
203. : For we are the Self-defeating.
204. : I Glory in my Loss, for I find my Companions Light remaining, waiting to be displayed, through the negated triple gates,
205. : Here there grows a Garden in me, as I am a Bridge between Rivers and shall not be torn between.
206. : The Words of a Lover will turn a Woman to Stone; I am Alone;
207. : Oh Nurturer of me! I am a Fire with throat to Sing through, and sharp teeth to bite through the cold condensing-winds,
208. : Look at the sleeping-sisters of the Children who were torn from the comfort of the Crypt;
209. : The Icy Earth shudders, the winds-impregnating, swim and spit; The Day is Opened, thereby cycles through its death-throes;
210. : Behold a march of certain Victory, a parade of perfect worship.
211. : The Raven has come to feast on thy Courage, and you are not afraid.
212. : Your strength lies hidden in the shade of His Presence,
213. : Soft-light rises from the Shadow; Thy tracings are as waters-waxing upon the faceless-flesh of the moon-lit desert.
214. : I call thee Snow, so pale and lovely, my Lady; So soft after first fall, so perfect in thy slumber-song.
215. : Auaxos, Auaxoros, Auaxaonaas, Oneia, Pentat, Spiritus
216. : Oh, drown in Me as a Child weeping,
217. : Surprise the Pale-girl with a Kiss while she is Sleeping,
218. : But do not Wake her; If she were to Wake you would find a witch, and the Garden in which we now sit would turn a Hell;
219. : Set afire this warring field with Thy Spirit and lay claim to thy Station.
220. : Oh Lord of All Worlds, Oh Lord of All Mercy!
221. : My feet are bare and bloodied upon the white-pines needles; I was dragged lifeless and thrown before my Lord, and my Lady silent listened.
222. : Your Father, and Father before Him...
223. : Of One Silent Father I Sing
224. : I am a diminished reflection of Thy Word profaned
225. : Raise me up Oh my Lord, that I might lay claim to Being; I am so near;
226. : That I might Live Thy Word in my worthlessness, become lost in Thy Light, pale and lovely as Thee in all this gardens’ shadows-clinging,
227. : Lying in the Shadow of Shadows, I shall whirl estatic for his Glory
228. : Beneath Nights-tides, I first fought the churning waves; I reversed their heavy wheels and our lips met,
229. : And the machinery sank into the pit, and always resurrected for the law of purpose, ruled by Purpose, pale-bride of Truth.
230. : A hanging-fur of ice to cloak the edge of the Mountain, the ever-weeping Mountain of torn cold-fires so bitter,
231. : Still the fierce motion of this unbroken life; Hanging ice of me between the two Mountains,
232. : Here is the Birth of my Echo; Weeping cry of me between Love and Love, cast into the torn net of Night, Unfilled.
233. : Am I Thy Beloved?
234. : I sat in the twilight-wood preparing for my Adorations,
235. : And I watched as the cage of light dissolved, descending from the branches of the hanging tree,
236. : Falling like female voices about me were those softest leaves of light,
237. : The Lady descended upon me, as the hem of the heating planets treading the black waters upon Night breast,
238. : Oh Stars and burning globes adorning my Heart, I shall not suffer thee,
239. : For Whose soft Light like Breath set those spheres in their blessing-motions,
240. : I am aching for the Lost Light, never to be Found
241. : I am Waiting for my Lady this war-torn Eve,
242. : Through my Acts I have been dispersed and set upon an Earth to envy,
243. : As I must build a body anew, create virgin-veils to lift and live upon, to catch the Airs, and set in ascending motion my departing-Ship,
244. : I know now of this Being, It has always been, and my Lady so patient has waited for my Remembrance.
245. : I shall walk with thee, arm in arm in darkness, beneath a crown of stars,
246. : In the gathering of gatherings; And then I am gone to where I was Once.
247. : In the Holy Hour; When I have wept no more, and my heart lay unadorned before Thee.
248. : I am begging for Thy Remembrance.
249. : Hath I not forgotten how to drink the Unsung-light from the marrow of the Stars?
250. : Tum, Uruk, Mat
251. : The Darkest veil of Daylight cannot hold you from me.
252. : When you call, I shall meet you at the Open door.
253. : I am no Orphan.
254. : Even my own execution hath been misunderstood; You hath been liberated from thy animal in thy Opening.
255. : Subsistance, Oh Indwelling;
256. : All Knower, All in All;
257. : Oh my Father through me; In the City is an Affirmation of Thy Being;
258. : Thy Lights arise from their pale-houses, from slumber to work; from work to rest, and death;
259. : My Lady is an architect, she builds a house of jade to hide away all of the angels
260. : Hide away Thou, all the angels as angles, songs of light embraced by mortar of shadow, fire-enlaid, the crystal-window, the reaching-pillar, the roof as hands in prayer;
261. .: A chapel-house to share, partitioned-spaces in which to delve; Oh, to divide and share, a cornerstone to kiss.
262. : This is a Beginning; The Fear of Awe for my Friend falls upon me; I am frozen in the Shadow-of-the Throne; I am gone.
263. : Here are Harem-beds to Slumber-on; We Slumber-not; We are burning in the Veil of His Fragrance.
264. : My Vision flew from the Beauty of the Sanctuary; The Skies became Gold, the Black-Suns opened.
265. : In Intimacy, I was swept-ceaseless in my wandering-flight. My warble crying for Her.
266. : She is Moving through the Shadow of my Lights Weeping, and I am not Seen.
267. : I see Thee, Pale-girl, clutching a Dead-Child in the cold-cradle of thy Embrace; I See Thee from Afar, so Near.
268. : I See through Thee, Serene in thy Thunderings.
269. : I am Collapsing through you; I will mourn and weep with you.
270. : I am Content in my Wailings, and I shall not Beg of God.
271. : Thy laments sloughs off the dead-seraphs from the surface of the Heart.
272. : The Silent-Angels shall sleep until the Judgement; It shall not concern you.
273. : She shall visit her Mother in her hovel;
274. : At the edge of the twin-Sea, near a harbor of Lights, the many rivers here gather.
275. : Her trembling hands have been mending thy garments even as we speak.
276. : For we are the Speaking and She is the Silent.
277. : But I hear Her.
278. : We are veiling in our singing, Unveiling in our Listening.
279. : I shall break Thy Seal
280. : If Thy Trust is in me
281. : Four long Winters fell upon Thy Mothers House, and the Trees became a City raised.
282. : I am with you; I am He who tends to the Stranger in need: I am he who mends your rags
283. : I Unveil in my Veilings
284. : I Reveal in my Hidings
285. : I open doors; I break sealings. I unbind knots in twisting-fabrics
286. : Hear the Refrain which Mercy bestows upon the Heart
287. : And you shall forget me soon enough
288. : In the Shadow of the Face of the Father
289. : Shall you lose yourself in Vision, never-envisaged by Thee; But Here in my Dwelling
290. : Fall from contentment as a bird with wing-broken;
291. : In my Anger, Oh, I Imagined a Death dealt to Myself...I am in Pain
292. : Slaughter this goat upon Thy Altar, I am not Worthy
293. : Shed this beard-of-black-flame, dull these sharp-hooves
294. : Kicking the Mists upon the broken-water once Still;
295. : And the Lady Sleeping; I shall sing for her here
296. : A curse unto thee who burns now in the fire of false-love;
297. : My body is being slowly-eaten by slaves; They are gnawing constant on my Limbs;
298. : I encased thee in a coffin of starlight, wed thy repentant-tears
299. : And waited beneath the Weeping-tree for seven silent years,
300. : Until the Moon was milked of its blood, and Opened as a door;
301. .: O Loveliest who has planted a pale-flower upon the Path of Access;
302. .: O Princess who has upon that Path strewn a train of pale-petals,
303. .: Through the Wilderness for me to follow,
304. .: Through the Wilderness I thought I had perceived the Way.
305. .: I am once again led astray; O Loveliest who betrayed a Trust;
306. .: This is Divine decree working as a general-law, this Cosmos;
307. .: I am crawling through the burning desert, blind and full of thirst;
308. .: Though these ambrosial-energies enfold me as in the Eye of a Storm;
309. .: Wherein all is at War; All these organisms, elements, ideas withstanding;
310. .: Against the Flood; Oh, what fear is unleashed in all the tiny-hearts-treading;
311. .: Gasping and holding what few-breaths may remain; I am Aware of your plight;
312. .: My Heart is no longer a walled-garden forbidden to strangers;
313. .: I am now the peasants-friend; My hands are rosary-bound in prayer;
314. .: I am the peasant, and I may share my temporary-treasures;
315. .: But for my Hidden-Treasure; My Wealth is secured against this Darkness;
316. .: For I now Believe; I have rid myself of worthless Artifacts;
317. .: These Artifacts are not rid of me; They send an Accuser to demand payments;
318. .: For I walk this Earth partaking; My breath, my various-visions, my food;
319. .: These are never for free; The Dragon-wings unfurl and cast lead-shadows o'er;
320. .: And I may only pray Sincere to my Creator and Affirm his Being;
321. .: As the Dragon digests me in his belly; I also am a Dragon-digesting;
322. .: In the Laughter of a newly made Mother and Father, is that Affirmation of Being;
323. .: Ye who stare upon your newborn Babe in Awe and Wonder, you are Reclaimed;
324. .: You have opened the iron-gate, and drained the stagnant waters from the Moat;
325. .: And slain the Dragon in its nest; I shall raise and ride that Dragon;
326. .: One Truth raised you from the dispersing-Dust;
327. .: And shall Save you, err you delve far from this safe shore;
328. .: Remember, that your Child shall save you, and make you laugh again;
329. .: And the eyes opening to this world shall set a Place for you;
330. .: Where the Gardens are not walled, the Doors are not locked, the hearts are not hard;
331. .: O Devouring-lady, I cannot take rest whilst you feed upon me;
332. .: I am lying beneath Thee praying for Release; You will not give it to me;
333. .: I am enclosed in your womb, burning...
334. .: I am burning in the cold-winds which your heavy-kisses tendered.
335. .: I have immersed myself in thy lead-robes lent from thy cold-running loins;
336. .: Thick blood to taint the dark-flowers and to frost-over the flowers and trees.
337. .: A dead-moon is planted in your shadow, as a child to carry and feed.
338. .: A Prison cell could not reveal to you the Light born of this Blind-man.
339. .: O Listen! The Watchman will seek, for he would Be....though he has not found the key.
340. .: The Kingdom to him should lie closed, cloaked in dust of sun-bloodened-gold.
341. .: Oh, stare through the bars of the shrinking cell in an attempt to place Him.
342. .: As He rests upon his stone-bed, always singing...
343. .: You have lost Him. You have yourself become blind, though thy shadows-acting which bind thy saving-arms like collapsed-stars, are wrought in Fear.
344. .: Cling thou, you to your divided-lot, your portioned-light which is but a stain upon an Unblemished-Face.
345. .: O dark-flame breathed of a grasping, golden-angel...

346. .: All thou laying near some Hell to compare with my Silent God Unspoken-of, never Speaking.
347. .: You may not reveal Him with thy wrath of analysis, you who may wish to mirror yourself instead.
348. .: The Flesh of this Cell is ever-penetrable; I am a Listener.
349. .: The Listening as well as the Singing; The Cradling as well to collect thy breath as payment of debt.
350. .: And words thrown like a dispersed-fire; This great-shadow, this anger, this love thrown.
351. .: I may gather for a time the wayfaring-one, or a stubborn-soul wandering beneath the burning earth in ignorance;
352. .: He is blind of his origins, his person, his station, the path upon which he dances, ragged and disjointed.
353. .: I shall burn thy wariness-away, Oh, You in me...
354. .: I shall collect up my debtors, though my Mercy was freely Given.
355. .: Thou and I consumed in Love
356. .: This Cell in which I have delved, as I am birthed In Myself, of Myself, for Myself.; I am your Slave.
357. .: You are crying upon the shoulder of thy furrowed Mother, waiting for my Wish, waiting for your Day.
358. .: Disquiet grew as a fattening grape upon a twisting vine; The Serpent moves upon Her;.
359. .: Her face is changing before you, her abdomen bled and rent for sowing.
360. .: Beauty matured upon the vine, fruit grew rotten as it touched the taint of hungry-lips, dark with blood.
361. .: Turn away thou, from the attachments to this dark-world of the starving-ones...
362. .: Burned away upon a pale rope-of-fire...release this healing from the ambrosial-pool;
363. .: About thy waist drawing in directions, opposing, tighter constricting...
364. .: Where thy umbilical had detached, thy will became my Will.
365. .: As we are One.
366. .: This is Divine Play; Thy tempest-swept mind... all to be all forgotten, but for Me.
367. .: There is no taking-away; There is only the Giving, the Merciful, the Charitable;
368. .: The Light contains Itself; In an Endless, Beginningless parade, exuming Itself from thy shroud constant;
369. .: There is no degradation, no loss, but for thy bending of Light like iron into orbed-bars;
370. .: I am a Spectator of Myself; I am peering through many windows;
371. .: There is no taking-away; There is only the Giving;
372. .: I am Inherent; I am in this Moment Present.
373. : And I passed through into the Winter-garden, smiling and transformed;
374. : I have acquired my Inheritance; My debts have been dissolved;
375. : The praising trees uplifted their silver limbs and became as fine gold;
376. : In the musical-silhouette of the Sun; I am drawn to the center fountain;
377. : I shall withdraw my gaze again from that shivering-water;
378. : And my Reflection shall cease to deceive thee for but one second;
379. : Oh, that for a Moment I could cling to something so Dear,
380. : Only to give it up; Release thine Visage, Oh Satan of myself;
381. : I am Surrendering; I am Releasing; I Anoint thee with a Kiss;
382. : That I, perceived, might become a Perceiver, never to be named;
383. : When I arise from that Well, I shall be the Resurrected;
384. : I shall be drawn to the Lady waiting in the Winter-garden;
385. : I am sent to gather my Twin; He who walks so blind and confused;
386. : The Inheriter of a fallen world;
387. : Light finds light, and light bends towards your kisses;
388. : And thy kisses become a cold-cage; I am lost in these lovely birds-songs,
389. : These flutterings and crossings; Curious to follow the path of every thread,
390. : Each dancing bridal-train remains pure as it is dragged through the mud;
391. : I cannot stay here in this place; Through hollow-bones One Still calls;
392. : I am as the Wind in that Winter-Garden, seeming-vacant;
393. : But I Meet Myself in the Opening-airs now; I am the Inhaler;
394. : Oh Sweet-fragrance, Enter-in; I am the Sweet-fragrance-inhaled;
395. : I am the Answerer, and One Heart must bear this Burden;
396. : And make Peace with the violence of this Pact; I am Extending,
397. : And shall channel light through Worlds as cups, and canals-so-golden;
398. : And bear my Breath up as a Waking-fountain; Come and drink!
399. : O Pale-Lady no-longer Hidden, let them sip Water from your Lips,
400. : And I shall wipe Sleep out from their eyes; Yet, look now here,
401. : Into the Eye of this Heart; Shall you see yourself Unbegotten?
402. : The Winter-garden has been fed by the murderer, the poet, the prince;
403. : By thy sighs, thy speech, thy discarded thoughts thought-worthless;
404. : I Shall find a Friend in You, this I Promise; God shall become a Goddess;
405. : And we shall be Wed as One, to Soon to descend-again, so soon
406. : forgetting; Oh my Friend, Where have you now gone?
407. : I shall bring the best of you with me and where I travel;
408. : The Living which is ever-born of Love, we cannot conceal;
409. : It is only for the Seeker-sincere to look, for a Truth to be revealed;
410. : I am a Witness to your Awakening; The Night now gives Birth;
411. : And your eyelids like silver moth-wings flutter;
412. : Raising-up cold-dust to fall like stars from the sealing-sky;
413. : Now settling upon the body of Earth like sins upon a pyre;
414. : Burning away as in a furnace, food and fuel for Natures-grave;
415. : We must all gather our scattered members;
416. : All these, Potter’s broken shards; I shall Seal a Three-fold cup;
417. : And lend to its curve-concealing, with these Seven-spirits;
418. : To transform its Waters and embrace its Power;
419. : For tense-limbs must be met in strength, to allow a True Kiss;
420. : We must mend and seal this vagrant-Vessel;
421. : Oh, Consecrate, Collect, Drink and Savor this rarest of Wines,
422. : Oh my Bride! I whispered a loving-word in your ear as you Slept,
423. : and I left; And the world beckoned...I tread heavy-water and rose,
424. : Only to delve into a dark-mountain which descended downwards;
425. : In spiral-steps cliff-hewn, beneath the surface of the scented water;
426. : I passed through the center of the fountain;
427. : The broken waters now froze;
428. : A pyramid of crystal caught those waters;
429. : I walked lost in labyrinth ;
430. : And you Woke as I wandered; My eyes are now sealed in Ice,
431. : and the Light is as sharp-spears to my dull-senses; I am closed,
432. : tied to the black-mountain; Ravenous-beasts would hem me in;
433. : This machine, this dungeon of flesh like ice so binding;
434. : I have not found a way to awaken and balance this triple-blessing;
435. : I stand upon the Precipice; I stand where the Pit opens-bottomless;
436. : And the Wolves vicious bite and would drag me from that Brink;
437. : And my Lady’s soft Voice calls up from that Abyss:;
438. : And my Heart-opens as hollowed ventricles, like caverns thawing;
439. : I must cast myself into Nights-arms; I am going to my God;
440. : I shall reign these devils in; They may yet grow glowing-wings,
441. : And they shall with me be held up; This Ark has ventured forth
442. : upon a Sea of Blessings; This Wine I drink is most Sobering;
443. : Oh pale-Bride, there can be no failure in your Unfolding;

444. .: I am the Fruit of my Father; I saw a Hand pluck an Apple from a Tree-less branch;
445. .: I rode upon the Bull of Night uplifted upon the Silent-Airs;
446. .: My Face Here Remains; I broke into the Lonely-Temple that I might escape It;
447. .: I am a Dew-drop of Manna breaking-open to water the midnight-violets;
448. .: I am Assembling my House, springing from Oasis to Oasis, conquered kingdom to virgin-land untrammeled;
449. .: I am the Center of the Sweetest-apple, taste me, O my Lover;
450. .: Open all the Doors, Oh my Friend; Enter into my Lady;
451. .: Separate the Light pouring fast forth from the House of Night, disperse Thy Blessings;
452. .: Set a Frame between Heaven and Earth;
453. .: Hear the sealing of the joints, the nailing of limbs to the wood; Hang a moth-eaten curtain of consciousness;
454. .: I hold here a Weapon to keep Thee from my Fence, Oh Devil;
455. .: As the Field holds my Fathers Seed;
456. .: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Light of the Binding-serpent;
457. .: As I am born in Myself;
458. .: Oh, to Become Whole again;
459. .: The Limit has been Extended; Plant me a Field;
460. .: By my Hand I might work and wield unto the glory of my God; I must now Fall;
461. .: Nestled in my Palm, Oh Silent-flame speaking;
462. .: In the Yam bathing; Oh fires of the Ocean, separating;
463. .: I Rise in a Smoke-ring; My Father hath laid hands upon me;
464. .: And Sent my Light to the Eye of the Well;
465. .: I rest in the Mouth of Fire; I am drunk like Wine by Seven-spirits;
466. .: Am I a machine of blind-wheeling’s, an Imitation, never to become Unique?
467. .: A Mount of Flame springs from my Head; Oh Lord, the Rivers-torrent dispenses these sweet Lights;
468. .: Step upon step climbing, my Mouth shining;
469. .: Where is the Sign of Return? Where is the Window to a newborn-world?
470. .: I saw an Elm-tree gathering the many-colored Tears of the Sky upon its Limbs of knowledge;
471. .: And I became Lost to that knowledge, In Knowledge;
472. .: I became Existent; If I say, One in One, my whispers betray a Trust;
473. .: And I am divided, a lone Dove into a flock of blackbirds, fighting for dead-food;
474. .: I am Lost in Thy Love; I am a Stranger to those around me, those whom I cannot see;
475. .: For I had forgotten about Worlds, and thought myself in Attendance;
476. .: As I may dwell in Lordship;
477. .: There is a Sugar which acts as a Salve;
478. .: A Drunkenness become Sobering, as I emerged from Beneath a veil of fragrance;
479. .: There are no strangers now before us in this village; But for me, I am Alone in my Joy and it matters not; As all things appear Unseen, more Real;
480. .: Is this Being? My speculations and musings are but mad-dispersions; I must Leave;
481. .: As I am but drunk on the blood of my acts and attributes, still nothing more than an Animal.

482. .: Sleep Deep, Sleep Deep O Darkling Child, O Unborn-birth of Halls Eternal, Ye who shall ever descend in Divine Presence, Ye who shall ever die to the World in Waking,
483. .: I shall pass in Death through Thee, O my Love; In the Name of God let Open this Door,where Hells-summit is torn I’ll fly, the blood-shod skies unfold and runneth over, from my Mothers side I am rent and fed upon mountains-milk; the pale-airs sit, whilst yellow-fires dance in the cavernous ruin of the newly formed flesh; Nerves like rivers of feeding-roots hang perpetual, and like waterfalls dance and divide O’er an Aching-void;
484. .: I watch the fates attending, falling like Carytids through the tonsured-clouds beside;
485. .: I am caught up in their caresses; I am wound-about in their ever-braiding, burning, evening-dresses, their thick, curling locks, mournful choirs of perfumed black-light;
486. .: As I am the Revelator; I chased the Voice of my Lady into the Black-forest, and now fearful wander;
487. .: I am the obscene echo of my Lady’s Whispers; .
488. .: Her breath a soft-moan through a fragrant-wood; The cedar-trees breathe; O coalesce in body of earth and brain, O Hidden Life of me, Raise me upon Open-airs,
489. .: Born in Thy Presence, I am a Mountain-blossom of aspiring-Genius, dark-vegetation of the Imagination; formless, sculpting, searching, filling empty-spaces, animating Natures burning cold-throne,
490. .: The Spirits trickle from my brow as sweat, perfumes of the Unseen, aspire to the Summit through base or pure desires, unfolding or annihilation; through pride even could construct a Castle of Upper-airs as a Tomb of brooding, though even here the Dust will settle upon the cold slab,
491. .: Cast your gaze upon the labyrinth of the World, each shade of direction a blessing or curse clinging, many a misleading-Door, as its structure, its science enchants thee with selfish-rapture, the beauty of form, the Sirens of proportion and sleeping-song,
492. .: Obscure, even the Saints which gather in thy Heart in Presence are now waylaid in War, and the Lawful-choirs grasp now at the lengthless shadow of the Ladder, and each Intelligence falls back upon the Mountain.
493. .: O Where lies the Gate of the Eternals?
494. .: Deep into the Valley, into the Valley of Abandon I fall, the Babe lies asleep in the honeycomb-cradle of Sarmoun.
495. .: Moisture enshrouds; What Shining-pool hath held my gaze for an Eternal-day? Embrace me now O aching Earth, let our Love be as a Bridge between new-born Worlds;.: As a Seraph-soul in descent, I enter the Cave; I cross the Expanse inbetween; God becomes Absence within me; I am a Son Unbegotten.
496. .: O Thou, who wears the Shadow and Depths as a Flesh, for One moment, the fiery-water around me shall fade into Silence;
497. .: The Angels death-knell-howl shall drown in flaxen flame; The cold, craving-winds, lent from the lungs of the dead and dying, lungs burnt by Holy-breath to fine incense-ash through years of prayer, yearning and fasting, to me cling; the Soul grows rigid and heavy;
498. .: With One Kiss the heavens are assembled, and the infernal-spheres quickened;
499. .: We shall lay between in pools as in a dream, co-mingling;
500. .: Even those grasping-ghosts shall adhere to my funeral-Dress; Each scale of decent resonates a more barren landscape, though with taste of fierce pain, cometh a more fitting taste of bliss;
501. .: As I fall, All will be ours in an Eternal-Kiss, the Universe shall be consumed by the throat of Abyss, as All is again called-back, as the Lost return Home.
502. .: Man may birth God, Compress the Infinite-various into One, and Give birth twice more through a swinging double-door;
503. .: Thrown forth into the Void, the Child of Light doth pour a Flood of joy betwixt Hells;
504. .: Fire and Fire face one another;
505. .: Whose Seraph-lips kiss with forked-tongues of rose-flame; and greedily taste the thrown-off flesh of the Dead.
506. .: Innocence sits upon a Weeping-Lilly in my Lap, trumpets bray, The sound is a birth-cry;
507. .: I Rise, and hurl a Satan like lead-clouds beneath and far off,
508. .: Hanging Thou in place, always waiting... lovely Angels, whom I adore and wear as ornaments,
509. .: Open thine eyes of Holy-fire, and at my bidding the Stars shall weep, sweep outward over un-fashioned-earth like great fans, stirring the clock-work winds;
510. .: This Child is no tyrant, nor are the Powers prison-keepers, but Graces ; Your own Heart boar them, do you not Remember?
511. .: All of the Wells of Light open upon Night-sky freely, and the Burning-mountain breaks through the black-ice; Atop, an utter-paradise enjoyed amidst the maelstrom;
512. .: There unrolled a laughing-breath upon the Mechanism of the World; Tombs opened; The Lilly which wept raised its sleepy head, drawing drink from its own Being,
513. .: No Child ever passing through that black-door is slain, but becomes young, again and again;
514. .: I watched the Child of Light grow cold in his own longing, like a Still-born Babe in Mothers-arms, inward he descended and fell, expelled the Hidden treasures unto open-armed Hell,
515. .: Look, thine reflection obscure in the Lake of Fire;
516. .: I see into thine Heart O Betrayer, O Flaming corpse!
517. .: Dancing in a place of terror, inner-fire unreleased, burning a cavity away, eating thy innards, a wicked-cave in which to celebrate the animal-self;
518. .: You may bed with your beasts and breed evil upon the world; They may cast thee out.
519. .: Ascending, may you spend your riches, whatever Gifts laid at thy feet,( a joyful idea enthroned sits upon your Hearts Virgin-altar), a gem of Creation pulled away from the Water and hid;
520. .: A silver sphere rolling between sheets of fire, a great-mouth gasping, an aching agony of lovelamented-over;
521. .: Oh, Manifest Thy soft rosy-flesh like fruit before my Lady;
522. .: Do partake, I beg thee, of a Child’s Love, a taste and a kiss of Sublime-song quickened to thy pulse, as bees into a golden-bowl bed their honey,
523. .: Beneath blue night-folds of jasper; Flow like streams from ample-sky upon thy trembling shoulders, and raise the Earth to drink from its Death-rest;
524. .: Oh Child of coruscating-cold, ageing upon the unfurled-wave, thy curls of gold-coin brushed by, and murmuring, in sweet- foam; Sculpt thy motions from the Living marble,
525. .: The Wisdom of the Lady fills the cradle; Recollect thy former Raptures; The stain of a crooked-Tree raised in polluted-womb;
526. .: Bruise thy lips, gather these grapes accursed, O Brood of hell,
527. .: I see thy rhythms and workings in the loose fabric, Worlds lie in wait, begging for thy flesh as a feast, Moons anchor like pale-apples, worms burrow deep;
528. .: The Child bears up as a Man between armies standing, hold Thou aloft, the Virtual, a Sword that directs thy Sacrifice;
529. .: A Ghost howled and danced upon the field of the dead and healed the One who watched his breath,
530. .: The Mountains descended from the heavens, and the Christos passed through coal-water,
531. .: I groaned as I pressed up against the cooling-star, the wood bled, and speaking-rock was witness as sin sought sin all the Day, and the sufferers begged for more torment,
532. .: A lull, a rift in One Vision, the skies bend and wilt; The Child is an old man, he lay upon his bed reflecting; His beard lengthens, descends even unto hades; A black flame as a stairway; Oh walk the One-path lone dervish,
533. .: Thy stairs are wound and striped of a corroding-fire, Thy face is burnt in soot, thy heart charred, hiding in darkness; Chalk of bone clutching shows, those fragments of hellheld onto;
534. .: He hath thrown his beasts into the fire from whence they came, their time shall come again,
535. .: The Moving-Light calls, the Song is so strong, even all thy evils are as a shallow-gasp, thy chest tightening;
536. .: Never a curse upon your Father, never an abandonment of your loving Mother; Never a Rosewith hanging-hem crushed into unfertile-soil, never an unclaimed Gift;
537. .: Oh sweetest Child of Intuition, O how this death in life hath driven thee to Vision,
538. .: I raised Thee up in me and the temples-walls split,
539. .: I recall the wombless Birth, the Unopened World which called to me; Why should I look Without?
540. .: I had the Key, and kissed my lover-Judgement, and all the singing children laughed beneath the Tree; and the Children of Satan sit, ever-still, Listening,
541. .: But where the laughing-ones are, so are the Angry, looking back upon their brothers through a Mirror in the Waters;
542. .: O Come unto me my Lady, the time is nigh, so long have I wandered without thy Song in my Heart; I walk between Fear and Hope, I bathe in the Pool of Thy Presence between the Pillars of Existence, I gather then disperse Thy kisses, as I am but an orphaned Child of unblemished Light, now temporal-born in a bed of black-snows beneath the rays of Thy cold-gaze.
543. .: There is a pale Light hidden in your smile; Identity manifest in the weight of your laughter; that same hidden Light which softens stone in the Architects eyes, and asks for it a refashioning; Rather, begs the orphan-self towards some virginal-purpose;
544. .: Let us imagine, distort, and then mend the Unimaged, give a name to the Unnamed;
545. .: In cold-Longing born, (As a youth who first ventured out upon his own, and solemn Called into a wintery-desert), We learn that through our Work, our Art, our Sufferings, the Unborn might Become; (But never touched by this confused-flesh, which burns, seals, and doubts in its crypt so comforting)
546. .: Blue-Night caught in her net those butterfly-fragments, each torn Star threw its own tone of cooling-light to catch, to mirror that Abyss Within, and we could learn to drink and ponder whilst Cold-law was re-drawn, and Saturnine heaviness, as lead-streams released, waters long still, made fluid, natures-tomb dissolves in the birth-heat, and Love draws all things simultaneous, Within, Without;
547. .: All laws are now elastic; Oh Pale-Light which warms the craftsman’s calloused hands, lend fire to the grating of the hammers and friction of warring-wheels,
548. .: The shamans wind-burnt face has frozen the airs in Silence, His gift before the sacrificial fire, the Light which carves an orchard from the darkness, fills the empty belly of the wild-beast and pours sweet-water upon his rage.
549. .: I know that you shall fill the empty places with your whispers, your musings which you once sang to me as a child’s hymn when I lay sick in your shadow ;
550. .: I could bask there beneath the hanging blossoms of the great date-palm, in the Rose-garden which your Heart helped enfold, between the embracing-fires of palaced-marble, cradled in the arches of your pale arms collecting, (You danced in the gelling Light in demonstration), your arms curved whilst Listening;
551. .: I witnessed an imprint in the hanging, honeyed-airs; I bore witness; Ideation rose in an artists joyous Vision; Your minds fountains fed the empty earth around us; A lovely structure took shape...a sanctuary for children; With each exhalation, an ecstasy which gave momentum toward a morning of perfect fulfillment; and The great Wheels of Natures machination unravel.

552. : I am a quiet God; I gather your smiles and ever-laughing fires as they coil about my emerging-heart.
553. .: Here, an ascending-gale, which like a cloud-wing’d-dragon drags a vast Mountain from the Sea,
554. .: This is a Shadow within me, the Shadow of a shadow emergent; No-thing stirs.
555. .: Without, the shadowed-waters catch the sullen-song as it falls, spires of ice hollow, vacant-vessels fill with Night’s dregs,
556. .: Cold as the ache of Abyss newly Risen; I grow, I rise to meet myself,
557. .: O Lady who sings to me, I know thee, do I not?
558. .: Why am I drawn to thy sad elegy, thy begging-song? Why should you sing it to me?
559. .: Thy Song even dissolves the very Image I might embrace,
560. .: Yet even as you lie hidden, thy grasping-Voice still enchaunts the hearts calm waters.
561. .: Alas, lesser-visions shall subsist; Even as the Beloved becomes absent, its silver-dress arises from the Deep as a halo of oceans-foam;
562. .: I am Alone; like a groaning ship of ice is mine echo, a Voice newly riven, breaking the roof of calm-water it brazen Calls;
563. .: The Grave of the Eternals thaws; My forehead burning burrows in the window-of waters which runneth off,
564. .: As streams of journeying-genius and snakes of imaged-fire, sky-wandering, endless-imaginings embraced by yearnings; Now gather in my palms as weighty-storm;
565. .: I breathe forth a thunder deity clothed in a lightning-form, A Mountain of hoarding-airs, a Mountainous, mutinous Cloud digesting those Sublime-writhings, ever-writing spells of freezing-light, animating new-born images within a Dragons house-of-smoke, the Begotten ever-begetting the Unbegotten, an Ark to birth the Immortals afloat.
566. .: The pale ice of Infant-cliffs breaks off like glacial-angels banished unto newborn Natures warring-weave, the eternal flux of a boiling-sea.
567. .: From the blue-cataracts and frozen cliffs, from the crystal-shores domed as frosted, weeping-tombs; Here Titan clad in cold-chains of perpetual-fire, Deity births deity, Lords commit slaves to their sorrows, Poets sit upon arctic-chairs to contemplate the hopes of the ever-lifting airs,
568. .: Oh, of an Ever-becoming Uncreated-God; and an always disguised, ever-hidden waking Love

569. .: The Angels of those dissolving glaciers are cast out upon each burning Island, upon Island, upon paling Island, as each throne beneath the Earth, as each limit of flesh upon the Sea,
570. .: And their tears bleed through the weight of heaven, gathering into thy trembling-arms immersed; Thou, a gently rocking-boat for my quick-thoughts.
571. .: Do not ask when that Voice first Begat; Oh, my Invoked-bride of star-clad-Morning;
572. .: Your sleeping-sisters awaken with each pang, are re-born in my Mourning, and you peer through them in the glass of Silent-vision.
573. .: Your golden-eyes thrown as Wheels upon the Waters;
574. .: I watched as you wept beside the Pool, in the Garden of Sorrows,
575. .: Thy heart so heavy with my Memory; You set free a faery-spell, and Time became;
576. .: As a settling-dust of blood aired about like wounded eagles beneath sharp-peaks, and shrieks of agony bound as an armor in the Mountains-folds;
577. .: As the Mountain moaned and divided, a wound was rent in the collapsing-skies, rushing to meet in encircling torrent, and sulphurous-bellows shook the shrinking Void ;
578. .: Pain, heartache, becomes your sweetest surprise; These are the pleasures of the waking-Night;
579. .: Oh, the infant-enkindling in the fiery-cradle, laughs and weeps in fits; Here, in between, in our Lovers-embrace, True-Liberty rises at Will,
580. .: Here, the Eternal, never-resting, restless sits.
581. .: Those wounds wept upon the skies as falling-lights, became even as thy sweetest exhalations; Oh, the stirrings, the beautiful-movements sent forth like faerys empowered by thy fragrant-sighs;
582. .: They were as encircling-streams and wanton-rivers nourishing the raised forests-of-form all around, and in turn, their sighs and aspiring-soft-fires danced in recollection of their imperfect perfection.
583. .: You were made a Presence in my likeness, an conditioned Image of my Vastness; An Ever-smiling girl ever-birthing a Virgin-world;
584. .: My silent-shadow was thrown unseen through thy midst as you walked unaware in the Garden; A joy sank upon thy breast to light the flowers, the soft petals of thy limbs.
585. .: Stars like sentinels unwound the airs of their wings, and the Garden beside thy bed rose from the stark Earth to meet thy descending tresses
586. .: You lay as a pale body across the Bed of Night
587. .: You slept with me in Holiness
588. .: Kisses infernal-thrown like a soft-fire, waking children of the moon-forests dress their daughters on Earth
589. .: Oh, thy graces play like winds across silver-grasses, pale hills burnt-dense in lambent greens, burning golden hills, mountains carved in living jade
590. .: I remember thy sweetest scent, ever it lives in me
591. .: I am in horror, I fear we shall lose each other; No, I am aware that the time shall soon come
592. .: You shall once more lie in a life of cloistering-snows, and I, upon the Still Lake of Death
593. .: Though I tear hells fire from me and the robes of Night, and the sweet-fires expired by binding architects
594. .: The Gardens, the pale flowers fill with my blood, and raises their curious heads
595. .: Winter calls, O come upon me Child of pale-fire
596. .: Descend from above on thy blossoming-cloud
597. .: Let the warmth of thy heart be lent as light to thy glowing limbs, exhale thy imprisoned desires as hard caresses, like chill, branding winds
598. .: Embrace thy cold creatures in the wilderness
599. .: So lonely, sitting so empty in an agony
600. .: O come near, fairest Child of the Open-skies
601. .: Fairest born of winters-warmth, arise
602. .: Astraea, born of the Garden-of-Stars, bright, vapour-clad
603. .: Strip the rotten bark from the living-tree, let flow its sap like starlight
604. .: I shall rise from my autumnal slumber and throw off my robes like dead-leaves,
605. .: A Rose-red Sun climbed from its releasing-Bed
606. .: Nothing is Dead

607. \ IAO OAI AIO
608. \ I speak now to those who may lawfully hear.
609. \ Depart all ye profane and close the doors.
611. \ This, the Invocation of mine elements...
613. \ Might I gaze upon the Immortal, the Undying!
615. \ The Spirit is loose in me, the Great Sea trembles!
617. \ And the blind angels in the gardens of the Airs play!
619. \ Even as they meet and mingle, a Virgin Thought.
621. \ And the Holy Fire breathes in me.
623. \ With wonder am I divided before the sacred flame.
624. \ KYPHE
625. \ That I might stare upon the depthless waters of the dawn.
627. \ And even the condensing heavens might hear me.
629. \ I was born subject to decay, knowing the passing of night and day
630. \ And the mutability of the seasons and my lesser powers
631. \ For I had come to pluck a rose from the darkness
632. \ And found myself enchanted
633. \ Even as the Chalice overflowed
634. \ With my right hand I did raise myself up
635. \ Transformed by the Immortal Aeon
636. \ Consecrated by the fires of the elements
638. \ I shall rise again in the Golden Hour, Lord of Heaven and Earth!
640. \ Lord and Light of the Ages!

642. \ Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
643. \ And now all of the curious gods come rushing !
644. \ Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
645. \ And I invoke thee, O Lord of Silence, Ever-living Unknown God: NECHTHEIR THANMELOY!
648. \ Hear the great Thunder of the Heavens!
649. \ Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
650. \ And all are now embraced in the arms of sweetest Silence!
651. \ I am a great Light which shines forth from the deep, OXY O XERTHEYTH!
652. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
653. \ SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPP! The Airs fill with the snowflakes of the stars!
654. Silence! Silence!
656. \ Lord of the Fires of the whirling Airs, we hail thee! Lord of the Light, we hail thee!
657. \ Thine palace of pearl is fashioned O Lord, bound with the breath of the four-fold Word!
658. \ In the Name of YHVH!
659. \ PENTITEROYNI, I exhale the spiraling lightning-braids which grace the forehead of my lover!
660. \ SEMESILAM, I protect thee my Queen!, I embrace thee in my arms of Light!
661. \ PSYRINPHEY, I shall fashion thee a City of the Sun, a lovely Garden of Delights!
662. \ IAO OAI
663. \ ELOYRE, I am delighted by thy kisses!
664. \ AZAI, O most beautiful golden flower!
666. \ I lay upon your lilly-bed as you bathed in the fountain of fires!
667. \ You poured light upon me from above, I drank golden cider from your lips!
669. \ I called upon my Chariot with thunder-voice, and the red waters parted.
670. \ And the Wheels caught us up, we moved, the yellow skies paled.
671. \ The Faery-car sped even unto the gates of the city of the dead!
672. \ Oh, the torment of the motion! the agony of the moment!, the ever-rolling!
673. \ I hid fearful beneath the bright garments of my lady, I hid in mine own light.
675. \ A mighty river of many colors unfolded, many paths descended beneath our feet.
676. \ Upon a barren mountain we landed, in a courtyard, before the glow of silver gates.
677. \ This, the opening of the way before the houses of the dead.
678. \ O Thou holy One, who bridles the restless beasts carved from the stars,
679. \ My soul is parched, my Lady lusts, Open ye the Gates!
681. \ I invoke the Immortal, the Undying, the Unmanifest, the Unnamed!
683. \ Be Silent oh my God!
684. \ The Doors are opened, the Airs shudder, my Lady weeps!
685. \ Her wailing exhumes the light from the dark, Her pupils shrink!
687. \ I am as a great God, with hair like swept fires and eyes of Light.
688. \ I am the Son of the Invisible and Unknown, the Keeper of Keys.
690. \ Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
691. \ O My Lady, I painted myself in golden flesh that you might think me so lovely!
693. \ I even shackled the Giants who raped your image in the shining waters!
694. \ Why do you weep, O Queen of Heaven, your tears are like the sweetest poison!
695. \ I am lost in your tears! The Light I had shed from my laughing eyes is diffused, I am dragged beneath the silver seas, even as my paradise becomes a prison, I am forgetting...
696. \ Seven virgins have come to me, all hail, the loveliest Fates!
698. \ O beautiful daughters, even now you weave for me a musical garment!
699. \ I have forgotten my name, the Void spits like a great Dragon, the Nights fires sing!
700. \ I am born an aborted babe, I lay abandoned in the bulrushes.
701. \ I am hidden from my God, a soft sweet voice calls.
702. \ O My Mother, you plucked me from my little boat as I floated upon the sea!
703. \ Oh, how happy I was as you hid me in your hair!
704. \ Your whispers awakened a fragrance in my veins, by your lullabies my light endures.
705. \ Even the marriage of the elements, the myrrh and frankincense, is spirited with the winds of cinnamon, and the ever-becoming!
706. \ O my Lord, be merciful to this orphan, this frightened child of light fallen!
708. \ I Hail thee, Oh ruling Gods of the Great Wheel, by your hands am I fashioned.
709. \ But for the Invisible Fire!
710. \ I see you, golden-haired One, descending from the heights, your eyes wild!
711. \ You entered in like an eagle through the cracks in the collapsing Dome!
713. \ Do not abandon your little brother; do not forsake your silent twin!
715. \ Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
716. \ I have found my Lord in the secret arboury of mine Heart!
717. \ I lay as a King slain upon the ancient oak, I taketh root
719. \ Star Opener! Song of the Flame Imperishable! Silent tongue of Anu!
721. Even the Children of the Star-gardens gather within me!
723. \ I am the Eternal Revelation of the Unmanifest, an Ever-living Blossom of Fire!

725. \ This is the desolate garden of the slain Adepts newly risen and cleansed, awakened from the plight of the first fall, when Man-Adams skull was crushed upon the treacherous shores of self-reflection, when thought, love and hate, fear, envy and anger first waged war and fashioned the limitless sphere, ever unrolling in ceaseless storm, stream and eddy.
726. \ Divine Love, that most cruel flood of light poured forth from the sutures, the loveliest Muse, playing upon Chaos as shining oils upon the canvas of Night.
727. \ This is the Sanctuary wherein are now gathered the fading embers, the Autumnal flowers, the dust of the stone gods, now crushed utterly, the living temples abandoned.
728. \ The Invisible Elect are now gathered to inhabit these consecrated vessels of fire, fat and flesh. Gather ye all around, Oh, all my powers, and listen to the Living Gods.
729. \ Oh Nuit, Great Mother of Night and omniform Life, Great gemmed Womb, lilly-strewn Valley of the Stars; Thou, whose yawning chasm forever shall gather mine echoes of laughter; I am of thee, and in thee. My elements are gathered upon your altar and dissolved, and I am reborn in your embrace.
730. \ One kiss to behold the Eternal in a moment, and then the ferment of your fragrant breath; As the Spiritus ever awakens like a Snake, in spirals about each temples base, ever a Virgin doth you create.
731. \ The lightning of mine sight carves sigils in every sphere, sweetest elixir of life, the taste of thine kiss, the condensation of thine tears, like silver dew upon my lips, my greatest delight, my joy, my bliss; off them roll infinite worlds, and golden realms set upon living stone.
732. \ Behold! The pearl of Earth, the Palace of Life and Death, Darkness and Light, the curse of division, iniquity, time, unfolded like a plague.
733. \ A crossed corpse am I upon your altar. Ravens feast on mine oils and ashes, they fatten, collapse, and die. But one dove arises, and a mighty serpent comes, an alchemical furnace, devourer of souls and stars, inhales All.
734. \ In the little flower garden where the children play in silence, I had peered into a pool, vast and sunless, still as an arctic lake, wherein was revealed mine image, cold and curious, and so full of longing.
735. \ I laid mine forehead upon its surface, and my skull became wed to the waters.
736. \ I was drawn deep, deep, deep into that well, where I first dreamt of Death.
737. \ A Serpent of Fire, lion-faced, inhaled my light.
738. \ A frigid cell was fashioned about me, a great mountain rose from the depths, encircled and enshrined.
739. \ So cold, those dissolving fires which danced in that tomb, therein contained my discordant voice, my cries of terror echoed in the belly, in the bowels of the beast.
740. \ Even the Aeons sang out to me, thou I could not hear them.
741. \ A fountain unfolded in the midst of the garden, from the black pool arose an orchidean blossom, purple-blue as blood, the waters upon which my voice rode rose upon the trembling airs.
742. \ Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
743. \ As I am the firstborn, the bull-roarer who relinquishes his scepter unto the Night.
744. \ Oh, how I desired to grasp that Beauty which rose now before me, how I was drawn to those voices which now descended from above, and encompassed me like shining garments.
745. \ So lovely, the little children of the light, in the garden of the seraphs.
746. \ Gather ye all around, oh loveliest of stars, and look upon thy image diffused, as is light in a prism, look close upon this, Yea, the slaying of your brothers and sisters.
747. \ Know’st not, oh loveliest, most fair of all adepts, that even the One Sun must burn itself up, must sacrifice itself upon the pyre of Night.
748. \ O Night, O Daughter of Chaos, O Mother of Sleep and Death, kiss now these hungry lips, for your black breath shall draw back, shall steal even mine fear, shall seal each fallen thought as an angel in ice!
749. \ O Triple-shroud of pallor, bless these thine children, thine reliquaries set beneath the most Ancient cypress!
750. \ Until the time of the great harvest.
751. \ Garments of Body and Mind enfolded, enfolded upon the depthless waters.
752. \ In infinite reflection and tributary, drawest back upon the breath of Abyss.
753. \ Endless variations upon mine face, infinitely extended, now negated, a great yawn, a terrible roar, terror, confusion, the laughter and madness of the fool, senseless sorrows and joys sewn into the fabric, the serpents scales of scintillation.
754. \ Unknown tongues, cries of torment, cries of murder falling deep, deep into the pool, the gravity of Saturn, crushing, ever crushing to dust, and dissolution in the great Night.
755. \ All in Silence, All in Silence, All in Silence I sing. I praise Thee, the All in Silence, mine Voice is the aching of the lost Light.
756. \ I praise thee, the All in One, None and Many. Mine Voice is the Lions roar, the Sword of Fire drawn from its dancing sheath, now crossed and extended, the Egg cleft, a great fortress fashioned, the raising up of the City of the Dead, in a glowing gown of aerial mountains fairy-fashioned, and winged sentinels at four quarters, and the armies at the frontier of the formless chasm, ever guarding our borders. Standest thou fast for me, O lovely Seraphs! My Brothers, my Sisters, my friends!
757. \ I Am, The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, unto the Ages, Amen.
758. \ Rise up within me, YHVH!
759. \ I am the Winged Lord of Air, Sentinel of the Morning light arising, whose Wings are the Winds, whose Eyes are Storms, whose hair is like the golden lightnings brightening the fiery cheek of Dawn, twin-serpents are entwined about mine spine, I take my place in the East as I sing my most holy name I AM... RAPHAEL!
760. \ Rise up within me...ADONAI!
761. \ I am the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, who wieldest the Sword of Flame in defence of My kingdom, here I part mine Wings of Living-Fire that you might behold my face, and bask in the bright light of Day and the glow of my radiant smile, I do sing my most holy name, I AM... MICHAEL!
762. \ Rise up within me...EHEIEH!
763. \ In the West, I Arise from the scented Waters, A lovely Angel auburn-tressed, in green and golden armor, Behold, I spread mine wings from Abyss to Abyss as I sing my most holy name, I AM... GABRIEL!
764. \ Rise up within me...AGLA!
765. \ In the North, where the black Earth is embroidered with bright flowers of purple and gold, and burnished fields of ripened corn and wheat dance in the chilled winds, I rise, the lambent, shining one, to sing my most holy name, I AM...AURIEL!
766. \ I AM, the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever, unto the ages, Amen.
767. \ By my death is a new life risen. As all our thoughts and feelings are as angels or demons sent forth like vapours unto the Aeons, our seed is scattered by the winds to the four quarters, the decay, the corpses are soon consumed and transmuted into sustenance, the babe created, nurtured in the tomb, we are all ravening jackals, all devourers, all begetters, it is seen that we breed on many levels, our children manifest in the sea and stars, the beasts of the field, our ideas inherent in every perception, our sight unique as a tendril of fire unfurled like the imprinted finger of a flower, a plume of light hewn from the Almighty’s throne, where each Adept sits, a Man, a Magus, a Mystic.
768. \ I am as Persephone raped by Hades and dragged into the depths, for Arts sake.
769. \ So is Mine Spirit the Center of the Star, the Axle of Light in the revolving Wheel of Time, and its breath ignites All.
770. \ So is thine Spirit the Sacred Flame, the Eye of Fire ever-penetrant, ever-open unto the Lovely body of Our Lady of the Stars, Queen of Infinite Space.
771. \ As you gather Her kisses, She gathers thine. As you drink of Her Milk, so She drinkest thine tears, the princely Dews, the waters of Life.
772. \ Look at the corpses in the forests of the flowers of the stars, how they light up the Earth with their residues.
773. \ Auaxos, Auaxoros, Auxaonaas, Oneia, Pentat, Spiritus
774. \ I lay down to bed upon the breath of the Nile.
775. \ I drink the waters of Death, and deepest slumber comes.
776. \ I am dissolved by the waters and the winds.
777. \ The Black Mother comes and gathers mine limbs
778. \ Under the blood of the Sun, as it sets
779. \ Mine ship departs into darkness.
780. \ Vera Medicina est Vinum Mortis
781. \ The true medicine is the wine of death.
782. \ Lay down,... lay down, ...lay down my darling, for your eyelids have grown so heavy with the weight of the Light.
783. \ Lie here in my arms, take your rest for awhile, here in my Nymphaeum.
784. \ I have made for thee a chamber of Negation for thy solitude.
785. \ Even the shadows of dream shall fly.
786. \ And Mnemosyne shall lie murdered on your pillow.
787. \ Three words, one for each collapsed world.
788. \ And a draught from the river Lethe.
789. \ Forget...forget...forget.......
790. \ Somewhere, at this very moment, some bright spirit draws his last breath.
791. \ And elsewhere, the lips of lovers do first meet.
792. \ This is the crucifixion, and I shall make it mine bed everlasting.
793. \ Eloi Eloi, Lama sabacthani...
794. \ My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
795. \ The pedestal of Light upon which I once stood has fallen from beneath mine feet. The salamanders and gnomes, the sylphs and undines have gathered for a funeral feast.
796. \ This is my Body, I offer it to thee, Demeters children, sweetest, fairest, most free!
797. \ This is my Blood, Mercury in Wine, drinkest thou, O loveliest faun of the fields!
798. \ I have fashioned thee a bridal chamber, made thee a palace of mine flesh with pillars of bone and an altar of fire, for my wedding is yours, my heart your hearth, that you might take your pleasure, take comfort and warmth in the embrace of mine elements, for what is mine is yours, as a gift of God, in Love, Amen.
799. \ Before me, ornate, in this courtyard, under the Sanctuary of the Stars, all of you are gathered, each, a Statue of the Sun! I call into thee the Christ, Yea, I do raise thee up, a Poet, a Priest, a God! A congregation of Christs risen!
800. \ What say you, Oh Angels of Air and Ocean, Saints of the trembling Skies, Graces of Fire, Architects of Earth and all sublime spirits, climbing and descending the ladders of life?
801. \ This, the Temple of the Holy Ghost.
802. \ This, the Word made Flesh.
803. \ Body of our Lord the Christ, Logos of the Eternal Aeon
804. \ Ever-living am I, A visible God.
805. \ Your heart is a chalice, the grail, the holy vessel gathering the graces of heaven. Even as the child, whose way is lost, calls out to his mother and receives her song of distress in return, each heart, like a lotus, drinks, reflects, and manifests, then rests awhile in the evening shade, weeping for the return of the light.
806. \ Now exhausted, he listens, so silent, for the lovely strains of the Seraphs;
807. \ Listen to their breathing, the beating of their fiery wings;
808. \ The fires of love emanate, descend in vortices, and spread like music upon the airs;
809. \ Their caresses cool and soothe the restless limbs, their song stirs an inner fire.
810. \ Each Star here now reciprocates, the echoes of each joyous voice fly back into the arms of Amphitrite, Mother of All.
811. \ This is the grand romance between the Divine and Man, Perpetual renewal through the Blood of Christ, Logos of the Eternal Aeon.
812. \ Keep us unto Life eternal!
813. \ My voice now, In Silence, I do commit, as a dove ascendeth, it circles about each Star here present, It entereth in, and lightning stirreth every cell, every atom bursts with heat and passion.
814. \ Every Star shall carve its path unabated, shall cleave even the mighty scales of Typhon! All your inspired thoughts, your dreams, your kingly deeds, shall fly, shall dance like golden bees, lamps to guide humanity, inseminating each wild or fading flower.
815. \ Astraeus...Aurora...Eos...
817. \ O bright Son of the Morning Star! O lambent Father of the Hespirides, the light of thy perfumes is like the incense of golden apples!
818. \ I saw you riding the white horse, so happy! Phos-phor-os, Herald of Dawn! Hesperus, lightning from Heaven fallen!
819. \ O for joy my eyes shed tears of blood!
820. \ I trace the shed tears with a spiral-wand across the sky, like pregnant meteors they fall from the limitless height. I stand on Earth AND in Heaven at once. I myself shall gather the healing fruits which fall from the Great Tree, upon which mine carcass was drawn and quartered, and my Angel was hung, laughing...ever laughing.
821. \ Hyperion, crouched upon Titan-knees, wept Light down upon the clay from atop his palace in the east, the sweet scents of myrhh and frankincense rose like ghosts from the smoking altars, a speech uttered in the mystery of Silence. All about the gnarled oak, and the maenad-ministers robed in wreaths of rose and dew, Phallic-wands raised before the astral-flames, crowned by the pine-cone spiral wrought, calling upon all spirits and elementals to bow in submission before the golden throne of their Will, like whispers, the all-powerful prayer upon lithe-winds. What is this, the longing, the yearning perpetual for the beloved? Whence came the sylphs of love unrequited, the desire to dissolve like soft snows in the arms of the divine?
822. \ Here, the mirror of the Narcissii, here, the reflection of the self upon lightless waters, and the glorious plunge into Abyss, fallen from grace as angels, all for love and chance for union once again, seed and leaf fallen from barren branch, entombed in womb of earth, fermenting in subtle fires of spirit, now ready to raise a Lazarus or fiery phoenix upon an altar of ash.
823. \ Ahh... Lovely Persephone, now come forth, reborn in the midst of May and the warm smile of Spring!
824. \ Here, separation from God, some illusion, that Man-Adam might look upon his countenance In infinite ways, through peacock-eyes, upon wings spread from abyss to abyss, as a fortress before The frontiers of oblivion!

825. \ Eos, sublime sleeping statue in a chaos of untamed fires, what dost thou see?
826. \ Aurora, fine veil of spectral light, woven about the infant adamant, what dost thou conceal?
827. \ Astraeus, dagger of air that strike’st mine heart, whose limbs are winds that fill the wounds of Night with fire, what dost thou fashion?
828. \ The Lover sees, the Mother feels, the Father forms.
829. \ The Undying Eternal in the Tower of Silence.
832. \ O Lady of Darkness, O Lady of Light,
833. \ I was born a Moon-orchid upon thy dark dress,
834. \ In the Garden of the Stars,
835. \ In the abandoned City of the Dead,
836. \ One Lilly amongst many, who uttered NOT, a Breath,
837. \ In sombre silence undisturbed,
838. \ In your arms like babes we ever slept.
839. \ One pale morning I arose, a charioteer walking
840. \ Upon ashen winds, a winged messenger
841. \ Of Armageddon, my faery-sled wrought of pearl
842. \ Reflected here, this War as is in Heaven.
843. \ A Voice, serpent-tongued, hissed "O Black Prince
844. \ Bear the curse of Night away! Form a palace of fire
845. \ In your breast; shut it up, and seal it with your blood!
846. \ Upon my throne I now descend, the ever-living Son.
847. \ Upon the menses of the Moon; I drink, I lap it up.
848. \ What say’st thou, O twilight Madonna, O pale Diana?
849. \ In Sun-orchards I soared, an eagle golden armored
850. \ Above thy bower; as you rested, I guarded thine shrine
851. \ With razored talon and fierce cries, I slaughtered
852. \ Ever the living garments which hemmed thy spirit in,
853. \ I profaned the sacred grove, restless wandered,
854. \ Like mad Actaeon I pursued you, and ever you fled
855. \ Just beyond my grasp, until the hounds devoured me
856. \ In a field of saffron flowers, bloody and drunk I lay
857. \ in the rose-warmth of war, the day I first knew true love;
858. \ Ahh...the voyage is ever blissful, the path of the dead
859. \ Even the desert scorpion was afraid to sting me,
860. \ I had destroyed myself and cast my ragged corpse
861. \ Into the pit, and the lightless moon fell into the sea.

862. \ Seven thousand years worth of tears hath the Seventh Angel shed before you, filling the seven reservoirs of Hell with judgement, and the chrism of coming death.
863. \ Seven stone jars gather up the blood-fruits and the furies, the funerary graces and the twilight-daemons, whose burning oils like semen anoint the Angels outstretched arms, the drippings from his tattered wings, the impending fire-tides of war, near-ready to release like redemptive waters upon the ember of earth.
864. \ O Angel of Melancholy, how you weep for the little mortals! Your poor wings have been broken holding the weight of Heaven itself, and your dark heart drains into the Earths molten veins, feeding the rivers of apocalypse in all living things.
865. \ O loveliest Vesper! O brightest Lamp gathering those embers of earth unto the Ships of Light; Within every golden Ark, a divine spark is concealed! Ever onward sail, O Twin Brother of Christ!
866. \ An Arch of Light you are, a Bridge of Fire between worlds upon which brave travelers pass night and day like divine messengers; A great golden peacock, you ventured forth from the Eternal City carrying your precious pearl, a gift from our Father, and Lo, you turned back to gaze upon his Living Face, as Orpheus did as he rose from the Abyss, when the aching Earth sealed his fair Princess up in a tomb of lead for seasons-sake, that marigolds might sometimes bloom, and the unblemished Light was cleft in twain, and divided unto the depthless depths unspoken of.
867. \ The Pearl shattered and you were bound and blinded, the singing shards of light were flung into the Night, each Star a curled-serpent concealing a secret fragment of the Sacred Flame, and a vague memory of Eternal origins.
869. \ I have built me a White City beneath the Sea in Remembrance of my Origins.
870. \ O Archangel Michael, I stayed your sword of light that you might not descend, only through your Twin shall you dissolve the glory of mortal sin, when we are all One, when the deeping well bursts and floods the desert plains with the fire-waters of redemption.
872. \ I shall never again forget or fall to darkness, neither shall I ever abandon you.
873. \ I shall even brave the nameless terrors to retrieve the lost pearls, the fragments of light fallen, I shall even make mine body whole.
874. \ I am Dragon and Dragon-slayer, my eyes like smoking sapphires set in a living mountain of white snows.
875. \ I am a Dove skirting mirror-waters, the breath upon the mountain.
876. \ I am the Black Stone set in the Temple of God.
877. \ I am a Titan under Earth, an Angel in Heaven.
878. \ I am the Nameless, the Named, the Naming.
879. \ I drinkest in the dews and fruits of oblivion, the horror of shapeless things, the abortions and shadows I refashion, these I form from my very skin.
880. \ A shy, silent turtle am I upon which a universe may ride, as ancient as Saturn unto the Aeons.

881. \ Be thou my secret guide, my inner eye, see’st thou All, make it known to me ever, that every Moment is perfect as it unfolds under the deflowered heavens.
882. Gather ‘round all ye gods and spirits and join me in my
883. Laughter, the Night-song of N.O.X.
884. \ The Sultans daughter was lost in the orange-groves, as the hyperborean gales passed through the woodlands, through the sleeping Titans gnarled hairs like solar fountains, the Aeons sang amidst the folds of the golden forest, ever like silver-streams; She, in passing, murmured and laughed as the naiads wrought and wove their earthly wonders, the waterfalls, the pleasure-pools, the rivers of wettened light which run forever about the Eternal mount like hearts in joy overcome; like geysers they springg from cave and cliff, rill from rift, then into oblivion sink.
885. \ O Daughter of Light, Bride of the Unknown, you were drawn to the lonely river which fled towards the west, you lay down near the limit, you fell in love and painful grasped at the enchanting music which once flew from my shivering lips, your limbs grew so tired, you almost drown for want of what you once possessed.
886. \ O my Lady, how your great fear waxes-shadows like forbidden fruit in bloom upon the lightning-branch, how your heartache and light-drinking longings drain the apple-nectar from the Sodom tree, then in the exhaustion of your solitude the worlds-wane, as the Dragon rose from the sea, the dead fell into the lightless grave.
887. \ I came to you at the Crossing, I hid beneath the Bridge between Abyss and Abyss, in the black waters up to my breast, then stirred as I beheld your light, emerged a brazen colossus.
888. \ There is a poetry in the turning of a key, a lament in the closing of a door, a joy in the opening of the mouth(as I breathe), the change of each scene a living death, a blasted tower, a moribund soul, a forbidden urge enacted, a virgin defiled made pure, as the Night is ever-giving and golden.
889. \ I arise with visions from the inner-recesses of thine heart, I inhale the vapors from the travertine-rock and utter oracles, turn cold-crypt into couch, a wedding seat where devils meet and all antimonies are consumed like sacraments, the fire of their flesh, until One remains, the knowledge of the faithful and knowing, the unknown Name.
890. \ And all the Seraphs breathing stilled, and all the Cherubs stood silent as pillars of prayer, and calm enkindled when the outer-airs ceased, whose burning plumes ever concealed the power and glory of their deadly gaze, until all was peace in the rose and gold of revealed Night.
891. \ I still stood as in a spreading fog, like a descending procession of torch-bearing spirits, like burning planets about her hem hung a penumbra of fires before the shadow-throne of God, these ever-revolving in worship passed now about me like so many beasts.
892. \ I reached out with my left hand to unmake what the brooding damsel had begun.
893. \ Her eyes and the fire of her gaze, like candles flashed tinctured fires, but my hand stayed.
894. \ I knew not why, all foreign thought was void in me still, but for the power of the divine Will, the Light of the Eternal Idea and the Idea undone, I then created the uncreated beneath the Sunless Sun.
895. \ About the dampened woodland I now imagined, a funeral knell sounded and fell like an avalanche upon the smoldering earth, the aeyther passed like cascading tides seeking fixed-limit, and thick foams curdled upon the deeping soul, the tomb of night which drank from the dragons lips exhaled silvered forests and honeyed-groves of bronze, and golden sun-orchards, burning meadows of purple and green, cleft canyons in typhon-rock, quicksilver and alabaster oceans awakening fresh fields of wild honeysuckle, midnight-violets, echoes of oak and ivory-ash, aching, emblazoned valley and pasture and emerald-knoll, the rhyme of winds through wettened reeds and the moist wings of light- messengers and sylvan-children.
896. \ My Lord, what hath we fashioned? In the Name of Love, for cruel amusement, even Satan hath no certain reign, and Sophias fall, even She is ever free to raise herself up at Will, towards that realm of green and golden-rose, the twilight-petals dew-drenched with worlds in this great treasure-hall, words upon worlds wrought for naught, O, there is no chain that might bind any passer-by.
897. \ Establish the root deep, deep round the anchor-invisible, O Angel of the Abyss, thine spirit is a crystal-swan iced-over but light and nimble still, ever you arise and pass in the fire-shadow, the body of ever-moving fire
898. \ O Sophia, you clung to me, you loved me to death, strangled me with your adamant grasp, a gravity-well, an embrace of supreme demand.
899. \ My powers pour forth to hold fast, I create here an infernal seat where Mother and Sister and Son shall meet
900. \ The Sultan shuddered above at the chill beneath him, the armies of the east formed a wall of flame about the king, they cut off any retreat from the knight-errant, though her long veil like a comet strewn carved a passage through the madness, one moonbeam passed beneath their gaze, reflecting upon the cavernous tributaries into the deep
901. \ I saw her sigh and stroll by train of warring light and shade-create, a pale blue myst of magnetism and whorl of voice like a calling out and drawing forth, a congealing of seed in Night and Day, a ring of sweet-leaves around a stem, her hair a cosmos swept in ever-garlanded-stars, a laurel enwreathed upon each starving Archons brow.
902. \ I saw a horse of fire spit venomous light and ascend from the sulphurous pit mounted by a great Daemon with coal-black face and a cape of flowing, flowering lavas, overflowing as from Vulcans opened gate, descending over his shoulders.
903. \ His steed rose, a volcanic torrent from a cone of flame amidst the trafficked-circles of the spreading-seas of fires, the choirs of light clashing, and the thunderous din of the fairy and jinn as they ravaged the shadows of one another.
904. \ Enough! These holy realms with walls, and towers and guards! Moment upon moment, I shall define mine own boundaries.
905. \ I shall carve mine own body of light from the clay.
906. \ I am drunk upon the joy of memory relinquished, as mine Kingship.
907. \ O Burden of burdens, ye chains of intellect, sterile, fleshless- limbs bound to shadow-shackles, edified-cell in the stagnant prison, the dungeon-pool, not an insect shall glorify thy stinking surface, thy lightless mire.
908. \ Ever am I a neophyte, a babe in a black egg with lightning-eyes and mischievous smile.
909. \ I know not fear, lust, envy, anger, pain.
910. \ I am Self-Regenerate, I hath fashioned mine own athanor and consumed myself in it utterly.
911. \ I am a thirsting Swan, white as Arcadian snows, and the milk I drink is my own.
912. \ I am the Ever-Blossoming, the Ever-Blooming!
913. \ I am the Ever-Becoming, the Process of Autogenesis in Flesh!
914. \ Star-breath of Khephra, I am God-Manifest!
915. \ Within me the Revolutions of Resurrection upheld, the Wheel of Creation and Destruction, a Dagger with Wings to pierce the Breast, a Perfect Point of Light to defy the Ages!
916. \ It is I who shall consecrate and confirm you, oh my little child.
917. \ It is I who first baptized and blessed the living image of Death, and brought him forth from myself.
918. \ I am the Great Judge, I possess the power to loose and to bind.
919. \ I am the fountain which sends out pure water, the angels within me rise and gather their gifts.
920. \ I have anointed my hands for the Supreme consecration, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
921. \ Mine bridal train is a stairway of flame which descends down, even unto the frozen floor of the great Necropolis.
922. \ This, the Cross, beyond which Naught exists and reason becomes undone, a golden knot unwound, severed still, that even stray threads of spirit might bleed through the walls of Chaos towards alternate planes and hidden worlds, that you who fear might take comfort in the false thought, the eternal life and hope that never was, but always Is.
923. \ If I weep, the Earths abyss trembles with the flood of mine tears, knowest thou that when I suffer, so even shall you know that pain, the path of the lonely One.
924. \ If I laugh, the Angels shall gather the wrath of mine Father and flood the mountains with Fire, knowest thou that you shall laugh even as I, and the ecstacy of the All shall be yours.
925. \ The Powers have driven out the punishments, now come and dwell in the Undying Light, sing the song of regeneration!
926. \ Light, Splendour, Candor, Lumen, Lux! Oh Great God who has no name, yet all names, sing in me and of me!

927. \ I arose at the crossroads, raised up from the dust by my Mothers lust.
928. \ Yea, She even played a thief in the night, stealing the Splendor from mine Father.
929. \ She even turned her back on Him that She might look upon what came forth from Her, a crying infant which needed comforting.
930. \ She turned back towards the Father, He was nowhere to be found, all was now a Darkness and She ached within.
931. \ Pour your milk upon me Mother, for I am starving.
932. \ Pour your warmth upon me, for I am cold on this earth.
933. \ Pour Light from your kind eyes upon me, O my Mother, for without it I am undone.
934. \ A Spirit condemns my shroud, I live that I might suffer and soon forget.
935. \ My Mother fears, I feel Her shadow-strengthening.
936. \ She even binds me with my own tail, conceals me in an Egg.
937. \ Am I of my Fathers Splendor?
938. \ I see my Mother through the parting-thicket; She is there with my Twin! Why does She not bring me to him?
939. \ O Mother, why have you divided our family?
940. \ I long for the embrace of my Brother.
941. \ She placed Him outside the City’s walls, so far from me!
942. \ I hear Him moaning in my sleep, deep in my chest He calls.
943. \ He is Angry.
944. \ O Mother where are you going?
945. \ She has stood up; Her Body is embraced by the arms of the Stars, the Winds sing to Her, arouse Her, yea, they have even lain together and fashioned a roof for my House.
946. \ She has given birth to a new flock and they are not of me, yet we share the Fire of Breath.
947. \ My cousins are more lovely than I; Yea, they even girdle the golden-mountain where the Seraphs sit.
948. \ From silent-throats they sing; The clear-waters even carry these sweet-sounds down the Mountain to nourish the forests of the Stars.
949. \ My Brother has made War with All that is outside him, as has been ordained.
950. \ Even I shall love him that might try to slay me.
951. \ My Brother broods upon the smoking-rock, He forgiveth Not our Mother, He even shuns her embrace, though He cannot escape it.
952. \ All the Stars in the Black Garden fell into his burning palm; With them he forges a great gem and hides it away.
953. \ O, how the Fallen One is like our Mother!
954. \ O Mother, how now you look so young before me, your Light has forged flesh upon your living frame, as you turn, I see a curvature, like some self-contained world, at every point of focus and ecstatic-impression, mine imagination plays, excites, might embellish the solitary charm behind All, into a labyrinth of refraction.
955. \ How could I now discriminate, make love, hate? make loveliness, ugliness? The moving, motionless?, the soft, firm? the blissful, tormenting ?
956. \ O my Mother, I am drawn to this image of you in this chamber.
957. \ What of It? Is this the Horizon? The Base, or Summit?
958. \ She even is counted by countless lights from below.
959. \ I know I must stand fast, through my bones these rivers of light pass, pool into a great basin, the setting of settling Soul.
960. \ Even if I was to take rest, your World would be Undone.
961. \ But for my secret, when Architect and Christ embrace.
962. \ Even am I my angry Brother, but to delve deep in Virgin-soil, I am like the Laughter in the Snows of Sorrow.
963. \ O why, why do all you, my angry children, bury your kind Father outside the Temples’ walls?
964. \ He even shall be enthroned Within, behind veil torn, Above the Pit, even the great Fire, the Water, the Air you drink.
965. \ Let the Branch of Lightning fall where it may, animate One member, One sword which speaks deep in thine Heart, so very deep, so distant the water sweet in that Well, so near the bubbling fountain of Hell.
966. \ The Spirit-clothed Maid peered into the Well, perceived and spoke a spell.
967. \ She even said: I shall give birth to a Living Church, with mine rosary I shall bind Seven-Lights, with a Living-thread to mend this mine Temple.
968. \ The First shall rebel against those who are drunk upon the Wine of Death; He is a Golden Apple from a rotten-branch.
969. \ Saint Michael even plucked this Fruit from the cancerous-womb, blew fiery-breath upon him.
970. \ O Bless, Protect, Sanctify, set him upon a Shrine near the center of the World, near a Great Lake of Light.
971. \ Even there his gravity drew shining florid-mass, even as sweet-perfumes doth draw suitors from afar.
972. \ Three Grand Princes came, each bearing the Gift, from far-off lands, carried and offered up the Fruit of the Heart, the Wine of the Blood, the Fire of Seed, the Black-pearl of the Night-Sea.
973. \ Three that are One built up an Altar dressed in Lady’s flesh.
974. \ A Living-flower opened inverted, a Breathing Castle, a Cathedral wherein the Divine-Lady sits, encompasses and enshrines.
975. \ Each Point of Light as a Swords-tip drawest One drop of Blood and the disc of the Earth whirls.
976. \ Oh Image of each Self so still.
977. \ One more came from the Fire, goat-horns upon an Angels’ head.
978. \ One came from the Water, the sweetest Child reverent.
979. \ One from the Air, writ fire upon living-stone.
980. \ One from deepest Earth, where flames dance in amber-cavern, and rivers of gold-run like honey.
981. \ The Lady even gathered Her Living-rosary and ground it to fine-powder.
982. \ She blew the Burning-dust across the whole of the Globe.
983. \ Yea, even the hungry-winds fed on these fruits, carried them far away.
984. \ Yea, to plant her a Garden, even where fiends make war and fatten, feast on discordance out of boredom, and Death, those walking shells, make a meal of Mans-genius.
985. \ This Temple shall draw back the Song-scattered.
986. \ Herein the Blue-Temple of the Archangel Michael, whose Sword even cleaves the Vault in twain.
987. \ Auxaos, Auxaoros, Auxaonaas, Oneia, Pentat, Spiritus...
988. \ By the Seven Graces of thine Father.
989. \ By the Seven Words, which are Wheels of Triumph.
990. \ By the Angels Nine who hold the Field.
991. \ Life, Death, Return.
992. \ By the Lips of the Mother, the Kiss, the Closing of each solitary-temple, Her tears, the sobbing which falls like sweet-rains upon us, I stare in rapture upon the Night-sky and Love Her.
993. \ Look Ye: My Brother makes War in Heaven! So brave, oh my Brother, dost thou not fear the silver-lance, the iron-flail, the burning oil from the Living-Lamp?
994. \ The Fire of anger is as armor and reptile-scales.
995. \ You burn like deep earth.
996. \ The Terrible Mother comes and brands thy flesh.
997. \ Thy body is charred all over, thine eyes bloody and hateful.
998. \ O my Father through me, do call the Choirs back, withdraw each sentinel, draw in the thirsting armies.
999. \ I shall let thee sleep at the Cherubs feet.
1000. \ Yea, even that Angel shall thaw his icy wings and fill a vessel for them, those that dance through the subterranean-heavens.
1001. \ Sleep O my Child, Sleep, for you have labored hard because of my weakness.
1002. \ There comes One who shall make thee aware of thy Death-song.
1003. \ Yea, He is the Twin of the Sixth.
1004. \ Even together shall they raise a Divine-song to enlighten thee, a breathing-dress-of-fire upon an adamant-frame.
1005. \ Yea, even the Golden Apple shall be concealed Within, revealed Without, to All.
1006. \ If I am Adonaii, it is He that murdered me, threw dirt upon my wounds, spit into my face, and buried me.
1007. \ He even let loose his cruelty as mine back was turned.
1008. \ When my eyes did open, I saw cowering back of Him, mine Twin, with crook in hand, shuddering before the blow.
1009. \ What if I ceased? What if mine hammer poised to break him, I choose to throw down?
1010. \ Even then would my Mother take me back in Her arms.
1011. \ Even then would the Lady become my Bride, and the calm after bloodshed be upon me.

1012. \ A Company of Stars calls out; I hear them; I hold my Breath.
1013. \ Six dancing Angels, comprehended by a Seventh.
1014. \ O, this Seventh Angel has become a Mother for the others, encompassing them.
1015. \ It is She who now cries out.
1016. \ Where is the Home which we have forgotten?
1017. \ Before the shards-of-stars fell, and split like dead-bark from the great-Black-Tree.
1018. \ Before I first Listened; before the Light became as cracked-ice and an outline could appear.
1019. \ And countless pictures in the fields of fissures and blue-snows; Now the Tree was White with the frost of the fruit of the falling-suns, bleached from the wounds of worlds-bleeding.
1020. \ Its arms reached out towards the many heavens, yet its roots still fed and clung to hell.
1021. \ Oh, how hath I sinned in Listening?
1022. \ Here is the voice of your yearning, that Forgetfulness wept before the Charity of Night.
1023. \ Here is the song of your own defeat; a Black-swan with head submerged.
1024. \ For it desireth to possess the prize which flickers past like a phantom-fish beneath the sands-of-stars.
1025. \ Shall I be your friend Oh Seeker, or shall you hide in fear before my Face?
1026. \ Its fins are silver and sharp as spears, its scales brilliant-burning-emerald and pearl of gold, its tail shivering brass, its eyes bloodlikened-rubies.
1027. \ Shall ye chase it even unto the depths? I shall bear thy breath.
1028. \ Oh Charity of Hidden-spaces, Giver of Hidden-gifts; Here they cry who dwell beneath the shadow of the fifty-gates-of-light.
1029. \ And the weeping-children drank of a bitter-wine-of-sin, and heavy as death.
1030. \ A draught from the murderers vinyard.
1031. \ Here is the voice of your yearning, O ye Seraphim shuddering on the shining-rocks, O ye basking in the spray of the mid-day Sun.
1032. \ Why? They cried. How? And the despair falls like iron-pangs, hammer upon anvil.
1033. \ Know ye not, the gold-waters flow even where ye dip thy precious-foot, a quickening balm?
1034. \ And with the flood comes the sands-of-stars, dissolving in involving-harmony-of-storm.
1035. \ By partial-immersion is the Caliphs-tent torn; dragged, a dull-canopy o’er a brilliant-corpse.
1036. \ Shall you give your Life to Night, as the Night givest Life to Thee?
1037. \ I am waiting for thy Kiss.
1038. \ The Cold-fires sang and you craved.
1039. \ Thy thirst for attention, lesser-love for Love mistaken, splits the breasts-bone, the hearts-apple.
1040. \ Greed began; the admiration of the Ghost. Thine Kin are a-hiding, so blind above, as below.
1041. \ So Still, beyond the Sacred-ceiling; Though mine Angels dear peer in with laughing-eyes.
1042. \ My Living-image of the Imageless is as a tattered-rag on a stake, a mere tent-pole to hold up a corner of the falling-sky.
1043. \ If I breathe in the sands, they are as globes-of-gold-nectar, and I am raised.
1044. \ The Beast tore away his turban and stood bald before the Worlds-above.
1045. \ How shall you now grimace before the loveliest-storm-of-stars?
1046. \ Something so subtle as my presence to move thee.
1047. \ Should you Recognize and Remember what now lies before you; that which is the same which reaches from deep within?; As one-moment on a path through the burning-rose-garden, there is a passing-scent which stays, and has Been.
1048. \ When I enter your eyes I am reversed.
1049. \ And the Seven-Angels each spoke-aloud, and the tribes collected the falling snows, wept-feathers as banners, and the wicked-winds blew.
1050. \ Sweet to me are those winds; For I carved channels around-me-in-the-rock, as I could meld a stream.
1051. \ And your Heart opens like the Great-Wings of Phos-phor-os with the Morning Skies.
1052. \ From what Tribe comest Thou, oh Sin-eater?
1053. \ I saturate thy Bed in the Inner Sanctum and emanate outwards with crescent-arms embracing All, and Time-draws-dead.
1054. \ Let thy nerves cup-fire and capture the thickened-light, and set upon rose-lips to taste; Hold this as an eternity by the stem between thy fingers and spin; here, All expires evolving fragrance.
1055. \ Love, as great-prayer-Winds-whirl, carry condensed-light, bring joy and life, sweet-water to lay on this dry-Earth; Scattered-sweet-leaves from the Burning-tree of God.
1056. \ A Golden Angel sat perched upon my Mitre, spinning spools of singing-thread into the vacant-places.
1057. \ You slayed Hope and offered her up, yet her Daughter is hiding in the flowers.
1058. \ How much you love her we must not say, Hidden she must always remain.
1059. \ One true-thought of her holds up a thousand-worlds for a thousand-years, though Devils ceaseless tear at the rose-bushes.
1060. \ Oh enemy unworthy, ye who try to see, to touch her naked body, so blind in thy raping-vision;
1061. Sleep ye Well.
1062. \ Your Voice sat enflamed, enthroned in the Mercy-chair, and Naught but the Virgin and Child could hear.
1063. \ The Priest set himself a-fire and wept sulphur-tears.
1064. \ The Poet drown in the agony-of-sorrow in the cold-night-waters.
1065. \ The Philosopher went mad, and hung himself with winds like twisting-rope.
1066. \ I shall never suffer to see that girls smiling-eyes behind the rose-bushes.
1067. \ A Merchant came unto me, gathered into his seamless-pockets the faceless Coins which fell, like Dew from the threadbare branches of the Black-Tree.
1068. \ Oh thou, pretty corpse, I shall set aside two Coins to place upon your dull eyes.
1069. \ Thy Passage is redeemed for the journey upon the ferry; You must learn to swim.
1070. \ Astraea am I, who would even call the dead-stars down into their earthen-cradles.
1071. \ Let not my Name deceive; I am, in Truth, but a polished shield.
1072. \ I sat upon the great Dragons back and let the cold-stars fall from my hair.
1073. \ My thoughts like spires-of-snow, thawed and fled before the winds.
1074. \ Let us play a child’s game, she said; Let us rework the Word a Hundred-fold.
1075. \ I shall secretly inhabit each starving-bird, and send it aloft; each shall have its own peculiar Call.
1076. \ Oh little-bird, please be happy! This cage you shall imagine, you might ever fly in comfort between sweetest-Death and Death.
1077. \ From Her Navel came a dark torrent, and the Waters became warm with her greed.
1078. \ I poured forth seven-circles of singing-fire about a great mountains base, and the Angels cried marigold-petals.
1079. \ For each was euphoric-torn from an enchanted-lamp.
1080. \ Each falls, a small boat-of-prayer upon four-seas, to split a Beings seams.
1081. \ They fanned out like one great flame, a peacocks-tail, a Lions-burning-mane.
1082. \ Even they should pay no heed to the beggars on the battlements beneath; The mighty must adhere to a rigid Law, of which Man knowest not in his ignorance.
1083. \ The prayer-boats pass, carrying gifts down to the hidden village in the dark vale, though Man comprehends not the Light therein.
1084. \ But what of your prayer, O ye downtrodden on Earth?
1085. \ For there is the giving and the taking.; What gravity of prayer dost thou lend to in thy selfishness?
1086. \ And the winged-ones ceaseless-work in the fields and burn in their own sweat for thy next Breath; What dost thou give to them?
1087. \ The footfalls of those Angels are even like drops of water upon an island of roses.
1088. \ And many Angels are Men.
1089. \ Here, the roses bloom even in December.
1090. \ I heard the Poet call; They(the Angels) saw me fall like a peach-blossom upon the purple-grass, and I took up House, an imprisoned-witch.
1091. \ Once, not so long ago, this Island-bewitched even hid from the Suns-sight, only rising up from the Sea at Night; the Gardens froze as the Oceans-breath blew upon the damp-woodlands.
1092. \ Here, Twelve-lions cut in alabaster support a central fountain in mine court; From each, a spout of clear-water flows from a roaring-mouth into a circular-base.
1093. \ Fed by those four great streams, denser the air here now seems; And the quick-footed Angel-priest cannot be seen, for that Light is rarer still, even more than this Sun.
1094. \ An arcade surrounds, supported by one-hundred-twenty-four columns; Here are domes, niches for lamps, honeycomb-lattices, marble floors in red, in gold and green, and coldest blue.
1095. \ The Poet, caught in vision near the seas-shore, drew back as I made my Image visible.
1096. \ He exhaled, and the fires of my hair fell like lightning upon the water.
1097. \ Oh Astraea, tell me, how can I be made Perfect?
1098. \ Thou wert born Perfected; You passed from childhood into deep-sleep, though thine eyes now flutter like the butterflys burning-wings.
1099. \ Aeons overtook you, one heavy garment laid upon you for every evil thought.
1100. \ For God must protect his innocents from thy dissecting-rays; Even your reason has been as a sword that slays the playing-children, your lies like bloody-knives.
1101. \ And now, weeping beast, your anger broods in this sarcophagus, ten torments for every veil.
1102. \ Dost Thou mistake the anchoring-Angel on the edge of Night, the Emanations of the Unseen as the Real?
1103. \ And so it is, the Mercy shall not speak even unto you.
1104. \ For there is but One Living-reality; And every speech a blasphemy and deception unbridled.
1105. \ Be now efficient and Perfect in your unfolding.
1106. \ Beware your agitated state, it is a sign to mark; Reflect upon and reconcile thy shadow-self, thou who dost dwell in the restless-fire of Nature-God.
1107. \ Observe, bind each blind-impulse and tendency; The inheritance of outer and inner worlds.
1108. \ See yourself in Adam as he fell, and repent; Call aloud your belief in One God.
1109. \ Let unrestrained cruelty leave thee and thy Commanding-self.
1110. \ The Poet fell to his knees and wept; He took weight with blame.
1111. \ Shed thy rays inward unto me O mine cruelty; Mine dark-fire shall devour my own Hearts-flower, and all the poisons gathered thereon.
1112. \ Why should you Fear now O Poet? Reproach not thyself for to long, but pass above this suffering, even above the Sunless-shadow of Hope.
1113. \ I whispered my dead-hymns over the hanging-cliff and fell, crippled and clinging to the Airs, hovering above cold-waters and sharp-rocks.
1114. \ Lo, there is here a rope which binds my waist, which ever-saves.
1115. \ I am thankful, so grateful for my gifts; I find now, in this humble place, my Hearts boundaries open to All.
1116. \ What warnings could I give to Thee? Only born by Experience; All I had learned, lost and reclaimed as a Paradise.
1117. \ Beware, He who conforms, conceits, deceives; Thine affliction is self-imposed, that wrath bred in the Valley of slaughter, thy Soul the bloody-field of the opposed and divided.
1118. \ The Lady of Night grew from the fruit of the shadow of the rising and falling waters, like a mermaid fierce with fangs of silver.
1119. \ Every arc of her light is ripe with illusion; Look therein, and find the Abandoned.
1120. \ Her kiss burnt the flesh off of the Beautiful, exposed the cage of ribs and hollowed-skull.
1121. \ What if in thy nakedness, nothing remains?
1122. \ She saith, "Modesty is a sickness upon the Self; Thy sanctified Path be set aflame, on Earth you shall remain."
1123. \ Let the lovers and mourners collect your prayers; I am Empty.
1124. \ The Poet, detached, walked fearless across the thawing island, and made many friends; He abandoned the Path, loved Each and All.
1125. \ Astraea burnt invisible in the bush; Thou shalt Suffer and rarify thy moving-self.
1126. \ O Poet weep not, complain no more of any Affliction.
1127. \ And the Angel sings inside his chest, makes it burn.
1128. \ Trust in One God alone.
1129. \ Walk in the Balance; Thou shall still be drunk and shall yet still abstain; Ever shall you seek, through conflict and tension, a middle-way.
1130. \ The Hidden-groves opened at the Sign of the Sun.
1131. \ All that I say must be Sincere, with proper intent, else all has been in Vain; I have failed.
1132. \ I am a student with no teacher, but I and Thee.
1133. \ And the False mourns its own passing, yet it still remains; I hold Iblis restrained, chained to a smoking-Rock; There is a bitter-wind still in those heaving-lungs.
1134. \ I moved In and Through the crowded mosques, the many mansions; You were my only Companion.
1135. \ I sought out not Astraea this day, or any Idols to cherish.
1136. \ I must ever keep watch and remember Thee, my only Friend.
1137. \ I must remain Curious, I must ever journey through the Fire and the Wastes, but with the softest smile upon my face.
1138. \ I drank of the salt and the stinging-water and was made a Fool; a Madman to the wise and just; I even found my Courage in a coffin.
1139. \ Thou shalt make every act Self-less; In your innocence is a looking-glass-Heart, clear as pure water.
1140. \ In Thine own Image a Corpse you shall see; It is even seen as a Comfort.
1141. \ If I do offend Thee, I offend all of Creation; If I am the offended, I am but a pack of untamed-devils.
1142. \ Here is a Weeping-Tree of Fire to lie beneath; A Cold-Fire of Earth collecting to make my seat.
1143. \ Oh My Love, Thy tresses fall upon aching-shoulders; Who would hold up the Life surrounding the hungry-belly, now feasting on sweet-leaves?
1144. \ Contemplate the Kiss from the Strange-Girl who hid from you in the Rose-bushes.
1145. \ There is no payment sought of this Debt.
1146. \ You awoke, and her blushing-face fled.
1147. \ This Motion lies as a Mercy, a basketful of apples which she left at your door.
1148. \ This is a Giving, a constant Grace; A fleeing Girl whom you Adore, ever more in her Absence.
1149. \ Redemption is opened unto you; But you would still worship fire upon a platform, and the deeds of dead-men.
1150. \ I drew a Wheel from the Water; I sought the Presence of the Hidden.
1151. \ All I wanted was a cool drink; Oh, to hear Her laugh again.
1152. \ Torment rose from those waters; I found naught but Pain, and Doubt as a Sealing.
1153. \ Her laughter became a mocking; I became daunted, overwhelmed by my own ugliness.
1154. \ And a Great Light arose in its midst, and subdued the Confused with Kindness, as the Beloved always does.
1155. \ And only God draws this Cup of Mercy to offer thee, for His Love is for his Children.
1156. \ A Pale beyond Light; Beyond what you should ever Know; But in your Opening, the gate becomes a bridge between a million worlds, and therein your Love lies Still.
1157. \ The Hidden which Warms all Worlds, known and unknown unto thee; Like Tears of Love from the Lords Silent-speech, delivered in Joy, Given as a Living, Healing balm to keep thy Cell strong, a solitary, intimate Chamber of Meditation, wherein lies a Paupers Bridal-bed.
1158. \ And even a Great Gulf was crossed by an Orphaned-voice twice, and kissed the cold-fire with cold-lips to Seal its supreme terror.
1159. \ Three Silent Songbirds flew into each others midst; Wingtip-to-wingtip they Three embraced and a Blue Rose Opened; One passed through Unseen, giving birth to Itself again and again, the Thousand Worlds rolled and raised Worship and Praise; This One God is perfect in every way.
1160. \ Such is the Circle which never completely closes; A spiral-fire-wind that sits in every cell of thy body and blood, and carves a course through the flesh of Night.
1161. \ Shall thy Understanding of Three imply a Blasphemy that cannot be reckoned with?
1162. \ For ever is your Speech a Revelator of the Real Within; Be thou careful in your Words.
1163. \ Let here your lips be Silent and your heart humbled; A Nightflower which closeth not with each setting of the Sun, or the masking of smiling-stars; For It gathers still, longs for and adores the Living-Fire-Within.
1164. \ And Many are caught up and dazzled as It manifests in myriad ways and lovely-shapes; Even unto disorder and death do they Fall, dissipating-rings of smoke before an unstoked-flame.
1165. \ 40 Worlds you had not reckoned...An endless number more that surpass any addition; You walked Above upon a thousand narrow-bridges on the limbs of the Stars and saw it Not; Inside the Vaults of the Great Mountain, Below, hidden in the girdle of greenery, where hemlocks hem in the sacred-pools, still you were Blind; You strolled Beside the best of All of Us, and Knew It Not; Where dwelleth Thy Companion?
1166. \ Only In a Love which was Never restrained, But for Thee...The Chasm is Fixed.
1167. \ Laughing Child in me! I embrace mine Beloved, and All falls away, as a cliff into the Calling-Sea.; This Garden in which you hide is In me and Of me.
1168. \ Watch your dreams unfold in the fiery-glass...You who lovest thy restless-sleep; Why should you awaken so exhausted? You have made a Hell for yourself and now burn within.
1169. \ Where have the Islands inhabitants gone? My family, my lovers, my friends? Even they who once loved me, left me for empty-pleasures; I have now Forgotten all of their names.
1170. \ Behold... I shall show you a Kingdom Within.

1171. \ I am as a Hunter lost and alone near a Solitary wood.
1172. \ Was it I who once breathed a Living-fire upon a face-of-clay?
1173. \ I ventured deep into the Black-forest with fear of coming-hunger.
1174. \ The Mountain of Kaf, silver-crowned, sat throned upon the verdant-Earth.
1175. \ Upon a clear-brook I stumbled; for joy I waded in knee-deep.
1176. \ So thirsty I was, I even cut a cup from the branch of the calabash.
1177. \ Was this clear-water the blood of my prey? Does this chalice not hold the graal-mead-marrow of Aphrodite’s skull?
1178. \ Is not this Black-forest a Golden-wood, yet even after the Great Flood and Fall?
1179. \ I drank to my hearts-measure and smiled, so content; Even the silent-birds looked down upon me lovingly.
1180. \ I lacked nothing it seemed; I saw the winged-ones unveiled.
1181. \ All of the plants, the golden-grasses, the breathing trees, all living-creatures, continued to unfold within the fire of my heart.
1182. \ Thick-Darkness came upon the wood; I was caught unaware.; Who hides behind the coming of the storm?
1183. \ Black-clouds gathered, clashed as flashing-sword and heavy-shield.
1184. \ The warriors-cries were shrill in the air, the crack of the executioners-whip, the low-moan of the wounded.
1185. \ Even the taunting-winds grew wet with rouge, and Heavens-dead wept weighty-dying-tears like stones upon the Mountain.
1186. \ The Blood of Angels rained forty-days.
1187. \ This, the Water of Creation that came out of my Mouth.
1188. \ I even hid myself in a hollowed-oak.
1189. \ Verily, there is no-thing outside this husk.
1190. \ The flowers about me paled, the anemones-heads bent with the weight of the frowning-skies.
1191. \ Yea, even the genii of the airs sobbed and fell like lead-ghosts, as the darkness dissolved all outlines of light, extinguished any borders between death and life.
1192. \ An owl perched upon my ark; Oh seest thou, Blind-one, the Midnight Sun?
1193. \ What mistake have I made in the Creating? Am I not Clever?
1194. \ I have become a Black Prince by my Ignorance; There is no Castle that can protect me forever.
1195. \ The Waters rose, the brook overflowed, became even as an Ocean, caught up my boat upon its black-tongue.
1196. \ I was so exhausted, lulled by the siren-winds, it seemed I slept a thousand-years.
1197. \ I dreamt of a young-man made in my image; He stood sobbing in the rain, beside his mothers muddy-grave.
1198. \ The Virgin had drowned, even before they’re love had been consecrated, before his betraying- kiss could make her his living-talisman.
1199. \ Before her grave, blue-lipped-lilacs he planted; Yea, he even watered them daily with his tears.
1200. \ And the grave saw not Sunlight, before the Shadow of his grief.
1201. \ But he came day after day, year upon year, and offered up a Silent-prayer.
1202. \ Give me TIME; I shall tear a Bride from Adams side.
1203. \ I wrote a Name in Fire upon her forehead and sealed it with a kiss.; She has since Risen.
1204. \ She is Beautiful, even in Her degradation.
1205. \ On his deathbed he lay, his heart in Poverty still.
1206. \ For He ever longs for the Original; A Lovely smile shall not suffice.
1207. \ When came a dying-vision, he saw that lonely grave; The flowers became red, then wilted, the petals calcinated and fell to dust unto the dark-earth, never to resurrect.
1208. \ In the Heart-of-Hearts forever lies the Rood of I.
1209. \ Yea, even mine children and minions descend, revolving around my living-grave.
1210. \ The humming-birds gather up and carry my manna to the far-off cities of the unnamed-seas, the solitary-towers in the lonely-oceans of grasping-shells and half-souls, the moon-blossoms.
1211. \ I could never forsake them; They ventured into the wilderness in search of sustenance.
1212. \ I now understand their Hunger.
1213. \ My stem descends even unto the places Unnamed, the cold-dark-earth that is Not, therein I constructed a Pandemonium.
1214. \ Build me, Oh mine children-unborn, mine angels-fallen, fragrant honeycombs to stop-up the honey-dew, the sweet milk of the stars, even draw this mothers-love from my Ladys breast.
1215. \ O Daughter of the Lady of the Unclaimed-Light; Forgive my Ignorance.
1216. \ I was partial-revealed in symbol, in color, song and story; In anointed idol and living-glyph, distributed unto the many-worlds.
1217. \ Mine limbs were even torn and thrown into the pit, wherein giants feasted and gathered power with the strength in my extended-arms.
1218. \ Even the long-dead were brought forth from the deep tomb and led into the lilly-fields.
1219. \ Oh, to dance where none have danced before, to whisper-wonders, to taste the sweet-meats of the stars and the fruit of the knowledge-fields.
1220. \ Oh, to build cosmos like monuments, to make through harmonious-music, the dumb and loose, garments of extended-soul, living-shrouds of flesh and higher-fire, an Ark of their own.
1221. \ Oh ye, Self-immolating, experiencing all-fruits anew; O ye, even walking across burning-deserts untrod.
1222. \ Let Thy own evoked ministers lead thee, the precious-devils, inside whirling forth a torment ahead of your path, polishing it into pearl.
1223. \ Illumined even in the dark-soul, at Night even this path extends to the Sacred-Mount.
1224. \ There is an Inn at the borders, near the open frontier, a charnel-house where all shall take drink and rest, but restless-wander, looking to unite someway with each and every other.
1225. \ Might I ravish the Keepers-daughter; Even shall I love her unto Death, when the morns’ pink-eyes pierce the frosted panes of glass o’er this wintering-world, ere sunrise I am fled towards the village-limits, gone forevermore, never-forgotten.
1226. \ I went forth into the Forest, a Hunter, and Revealed the Unrevealed; I saw a Cloven-hoof in the Untouched-Snows.
1227. \ I then sped along a trail of tracks, like accidents their impressions embedded in the flesh of the earth, through snow, through mud, through thicket and brush, iced over like forgotten-sculptures and tombs, across an avenue of cold-granite which paved the gnomes bare mountain-homes.
1228. \ I came upon a solitary, beautiful-fawn, jumping upon a serpent at the edge of the wood.
1229. \ Here, at the clearing, a field of trees had fallen, writhing-trunk upon trunk; Above, a mistletoe hung.
1230. \ The beasts-shadow cast upon the serpent.
1231. \ Known not to I, if that shadow, or the serpent played, but that so excited, Some-thing sang mono-chords lovely, ascending and evolving upon a lute of cold-fire, as from some golden-clay it had been made.
1232. \ On Seven-hollowed-tubes, and in tense pause, two pits within the breadth of scale, a stairway of ascent for the warrior of the Will, or a deep-coffin to collect the passive, the imbalanced, the possessed, the sleeping or the dead.
1233. \ I hid behind the white-ash, held firm the base of my bow, and with my arrow aimed at the beasts flawless throat, and thought as I laughed, "I am at Peace when lost in Song."
1234. \ The arrow passed like a lightning-flash through fur and flesh deep; The beasts blood flowed even as a infant-rainbow of running-colors and stained the white-snows.
1235. \ The mistletoe fell from its branch upon the fawns heaving-breast, which now ceased, and the writhing snake now stilled.
1236. \ I was released for a spell, the stars now fled before my gaze, I felt the golden-light cease its motion in the air, coalesce upon my cold-skin, I seemed to awaken, and feared.
1237. \ Oh, how has the slayer become the slain? I feasted on its flesh and became ashamed.
1238. \ How hath I drawn strength by consuming my own corpse? I drank the thickening-airs with lust.
1239. \ I even skinned the snake and made from it belt, and a torment was lifted.
1240. \ A World above, a World below, to raise or gather mine exultations, my exhalations, as gifts for angels, or food for devils.
1241. \ I am torn at the seams between.
1242. \ Does not the Hunter cast a clever-net? Does he not feed on the captured to satisfy his hunger? Does he not feast for fear of his impending-death?
1243. \ I cut a golden-coat, so warm and dry, from that fawn, yea, we became as One; I was so refreshed whilst wandering in the cold-wilderness; I became thankful, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood.
1244. \ I made tools with the bones of the beast, fashioned shoes, made laces with ligaments, a wineskin from its bladder.
1245. \ I drank the bile of the serpent, and grew ill at ease.
1246. \ Even then I could suffer the harshness of the elements; I became courageous.
1247. \ I crafted a cabin from the scented-cedar, by vision, balance, and measure.
1248. \ And the Great-Mountain shook to test its strength, and its foundation held fast.
1249. \ Long had I fought lonesome through hard winters and suffered, passed the long-days in silent meditation, between frequent periods of sickness and starvation.
1250. \ One day I came upon a Creature who sat upon a black-Stone... an auburn-haired Woman.
1251. \ Pale as milk she was, when I first came upon her that Spring; Her breasts were dressed in heather and awakening-flowers; Her eyes were blue as summer-rain.
1252. \ I became helpless-drawn, as the air each-flame could-consume, I became distraught, I knew not myself, my duties, my dreams, or any other base on which to bear my passions-weight.
1253. \ This beast-desire tore me like starving-dogs.
1254. \ And she cared not for my presence, but fled into the folds of the hidden-valley beneath the mountains-thawing-gown.
1255. \ Whither the winds blew, I smelled the incense of that bounteous, fiery-hair, like tempting sedating fruits, they ever grew, just out of my arms-reach.
1256. \ I lost my way and wandered deep into the dark-forest in a fever.
1257. \ My heart even followed the Devil deep into that darkened glade, far way from the bubbling-fountains.
1258. \ Yea, was that very wind that blew from the west, and fanned that black-flame, drawn towards my pitiful-cries; I became a Ship split upon a reef.
1259. \ Even the crew was scattered, plummeted each, separate into an original dark-kingdom beneath the brooding-waters.
1260. \ Am I to let them drown, dragged screaming into the underworld-within, and through torment, through longing leave them wrecked, divided as the waves upon the ever-spreading-waters, into a thousand aimless-fiends unfilled?
1261. \ Like dead-leaves they fall and scatter from the Great-Tree; O how might I gather them?
1262. \ I must possess that which has fled; I shall find and win over that foreign-maiden.
1263. \ Or I shall lie still in the stink of the standing-water.
1264. \ And the sweat of spent-love shall dress the Earth in an agony until Aeons-End.

1265. \ I am She who was a-whispering in your Heart when you first lied.
1266. \ Thy Name is even divided by my Breath.
1267. \ As I ever partake of the Living Fruit of thy Father, you shall ever suck at the forbidden-apple with your lusting-lips, sucking greedily for that which could not fill you.
1268. \ The Juice runs down your chin and falls upon my cold feet, warming them.
1269. \ You are tempted to truly drink O ye foreigner, but you sleep still.
1270. \ Is not the price of sweetness, a debt of bitterness?
1271. \ I shall even offer thee thy crown O King, heavy with lead, biting like thorns.
1272. \ O why, my Father, am I to treat my children so?
1273. \ I love them, and suffer as they suffer.
1274. \ UMM, RA, OYN
1275. \ I am the Giver of forms, I hide the hidden.
1276. \ Where speech resides, I am not.
1277. \ I pour perfume on you day and night, pray that you might awaken.
1278. \ By my lips, thou art healed, even as you sleep.
1279. \ But thou wilt not be restrained in thy Knowledge.
1280. \ That which has weight, measure, vibration and voice, made chaos in a dark, dead corner in thy crippled palms.
1281. \ And even your Angry-God may be weighed, and shall.
1282. \ Thou, conscious-sorrow, raise me like drops of precious-water into the light-winds, and carry me across the burning desert-sands.
1283. \ Like Chinese-paper my heart tears, lets Light in.
1284. \ Will you not sing to me tonight, when I am lonely?
1285. \ I plucked a white feather from my wing and set it beside the Lake of Light.
1286. \ She was like a silent white-bird, childless, seeking children.
1287. \ The Three Grand Princes set up a tabernacle in the wilderness; each held a Vision to adore.
1288. \ One saw the ghosts of ancient Adepts gather; the great pyramid even was raised up from the deep Well behind him.
1289. \ Before him stood a Lady in White, so lovely.
1290. \ She even became as a bird, and called out her secret name.
1291. \ Nine months to gestate thy unborn Child, O fertile Earth.
1292. \ O Protectress! State thy Name so fragrant!
1293. \ UMM, RA, OYN
1294. \ My Mother even tore the heart from mine Angels chest.
1295. \ Oh, how I wept!
1296. \ I rode a carpet of fire to the Mountain of Kaf.
1297. \ My heart was so light, it carried me even to the gates which separated the seven-seas.
1298. \ That gate was as a deep pool.
1299. \ I peered into it, saw naught but my own weight, and could not pass.
1300. \ Who is it that calls to pass? cometh the Angel’s voice.
1301. \ It is Thee my fairest, ; I enter therein.
1302. \ O Golden Apple who hearest her word!
1303. \ I passed Silent through a crowd in the bronzed-streets of the bazaar and spoke her name.
1304. \ The old toothless one smiles, even becomes as a black vulture before me.
1305. \ And even then the White-bird tore through his entrails and emerged, dressed in Light.
1306. \ And even became as a lovely woman, in deepest scarlet-dress and purple-tunic, gold embroidered.
1307. \ She even holds a sword of protection before us all.
1308. \ Oh, to look upon that Face! Depth-less-Speaking,
1309. \ Those Riddles-wrought in the Virgin-Light,
1310. \ Once concealed Beneath; Worn, a matrix as a mask.
1311. \ Love has now Revealed unto Thee, O Prince
1312. \ The Essence hidden Within the Sea and Skies,
1313. \ As You look deep into her lidless-Eyes,
1314. \ You awaken, and the desert begets an oasis.
1315. \ Where the ruins like runes sleepless-lie,
1316. \ unread for aeons in Natures primordial Fire,
1317. \ Water from scorched-rock is drawn
1318. \ like Wine; the Living-blood-giveth the Kiss of Life.
1319. \ Listen as the Prince doth answer; Sing Aloud!
1320. \ Seven-temples have been hidden in my Heart, and
1321. \ Seven supplanted from the seat of the waxing-world,
1322. \ By a Hidden-sword, which cometh from my Mouth
1323. \ As a Song; One who could not speak but through Me
1324. \ Set upon a wind-swept Throne; Hath I not writ Names
1325. \ Anew upon the heads of the Righteous? Hath I not laid
1326. \ A new Foundation for a magnificent Reception, the
1327. \ Ever-Coming Word upon the Eternal World? Why
1328. \ Would’st thou seek out thy Kingdom in a bare-corner?
1329. \ Thy corrupt kings-hath been hammered like worms

1330. \ Into the dirt, and their entrails laid out as nests
1331. \ For vultures; They are of those of the forgotten dead.
1332. \ Did I ever deny thee a Kiss beneath the barren-branch?
1333. \ The slave found a bowl of figs beneath that branch.
1334. \ He thereafter dwelt in a Palace where virgins played
1335. \ Beside perfumed-pools; You Affirmed once,
1336. \ Denied twice; Thy third cry was as a Living-Seal
1337. \ Upon each Seraphs lips; A blinding of their eyes to Sin
1338. \ Behold, all around, the Knowers fail and fall,
1339. \ For the Known becomest even a Knowledge
1340. \ Of Death, and by the hippocrates rejected,
1341. \ There is no Face fixed in the Fire, and reason
1342. \ Flails like an impaled-angel, nailed to the Cross
1343. \ Of Memory, flesh-netted in an eddy eternity-wrought,
1344. \ And left aimless to drift upon the river of black-fire.
1345. \ They shall be at thy Door for worship, and
1346. \ You shall Deny, for the Opener of Doors hath said,
1347. \ "The Beggars are even as Idols to thee".
1348. \ Behold, a choice-maiden lies in desolation
1349. \ And the Giving-river is a-far off; The Temple of
1350. \ Diana lay in waste at Ephesus, before a Gate of
1351. \ Retribution; And I will set my Hand upon the
1352. \ burning-seal, and the Judgement will be drunk
1353. \ Like a fine-wine; And the Withdrawn-ones, the
1354. \ Sufferers who lie in the Fire, their Term is lifted
1355. \ Like a light veil; For with Me comes One who
1356. \ Shall unite all the heretics in Divine-marriage.
1357. \ The Queen of Asia cried from her bed of dust.
1358. \ My Breath is as Ten-Days of a Living-death,
1359. \ I have anointed them in oil of myrrh and sealed
1360. \ Their tomb, even as the burning-seas sealed the
1361. \ Earths firmament; And I have labored long in
1362. \ Darkness for the dumb, and I shall reclaim them;
1363. \ My rib aches in Remembrance; Should you fear my
1364. \ Blessings? Poverty, pestilence, plague as a penance.
1365. \ Even Paul smiled as he was beheaded; And Peter
1366. \ Laughed as he was hung from Hells-tree; The Garden
1367. \ Of Hell hath blossomed in the Winter-of-the World.
1368. \ And Christ even made for them a Reminder of the
1369. \ Coming Age-of-Fire; In the City of Myrhh, flowering
1370. \ upon the fingers of a fountain of blood was writ on
1371. \ The parched-air Seven-words which are weapons for
1372. \ The Weak, blessings for the Children of the Still-black-sea.
1373. \ Here is a dagger for thy heart, oh worshiper of these elements.
1374. \ Here is a fine Black pearl for thy Knowing, worthless in thy hands.
1375. \ When burnt in the furnace of the worthy, the desire-less
1376. \ Yearning, its ashes blown are as a blinding-wind which
1377. \ Burns the eyes of the Old-father; There is Here, a fortress
1378. \ On a Hill, where Asclepios sat, brooding on the throne of Zeus.
1379. \ The Heretic-kings sang songs of blasphemy like blessings unto
1380. \ The four-fields, and the Earth grew thick with the coming-harvest.
1381. \ The First Word, which is a vacant-world, is Death.
1382. \ The Second is Wealth.
1383. \ The Third is a Torment
1384. \ The Fourth is Fire.
1385. \ The Fifth is a kindling and uplifting of that thrown Fire.
1386. \ The Sixth is a Love contained, a joyous Taste.
1387. \ The Seventh is a Completion; a Renewal, or a Fall.
1388. \ What lies between? O Bright Fire-Prince,
1389. \ The Angel guides thy Path, In the wake of tragedy
1390. \ To come, lay down a trail of tears like rose-petals
1391. \ For those to Follow.

1392. \ Wherefore comest Thou here into this vestibule of the blind, O Lady of the blue veil?
1393. \ I come to draw the blood of the earth, that I might fashion a golden cradle for you O my child.
1394. \ O my Lady, even as the evening winds whisper, so gentle, and suffer the growing absence of the inspiring-light, they still speak softly, reveal through phantom-tongue and chilled-lips the laughter of your longings, and the love you bear for the little ones who lie asleep in darkness, reveal and revel in the Thunder-song which from you pours forth, like honey-breath upon the breasts of the black skies;
1395. \ Here, you may see, our pain is wrought and kept in the weeping-jars of the angel-priests, the lords of the embalming waters,
1396. \ Our dreams and death-songs pull at the seams of your porphyry dress, its fabric becomes thick stained with sin, all our lies, fears, failures;
1397. \ Here is revealed our plight, O fair Lady, the Man-Gods failure to Self-remember; Even as the heavens may unravel for one perfect moment we shall share together, here, a kiss in cold weather.
1398. \ Where the Sun once ravaged the Devil, the lovely Sleeping Star now lies, waiting, ever waiting, so patient, the Maid of winter-warmth, the Snow Queen of Opening-Night.
1399. \ I shall even wait for you, O little child, even until the End, when the Serpent-Lord comes with flood and fire and macerates himself; I shall even then gather you up into mine bosom, and the Divine Marriage shall be consummated.
1400. \ Even you, my Child, shall sacrifice all your needless sufferings that you may come to Know.
1401. \ You shall even make peace with your Great Enemy, yea, thou shalt unbind him even in the hour of his woe; You shall even seal your victory, your own Purse of Perfect Knowledge with all your agonies.
1402. \ For every devil hath its purpose, its arc of impression.
1403. \ And thou shalt not abandon that beast.
1404. \ Thine torment shall even hollow out a barrow, shall even establish a balcony over the black-snows
1405. \ The Great Beast and the Angel even wrestled until the walls of the Great City fell.
1406. \ What shall hold thee up, O little Child of the Morning Star?
1407. \ You shall Know, even when the black-eagle is unbound, you shall rise, a Titan, a universe unto yourself, as my flaxen-locks are laid down to hide even the base of the Saving-Tree.
1408. \ Many white-buds open and clothe the cruciform arms of that Tree-divine, many earths and suns kept embattled upon its bark and golden leaves; the stations of the cross give vent to the angry-airs which ever whirl, rain, and blister the little ones, as stars to enkindle.
1409. \ For every fallen leaf from that Tree a Sun arises; knowest thou, that even your failures should feed those beneath you for millennia, bear still ripening fruit, a sullen path to beauty.
1410. \ Bread, Breath, Sense, these shall form your pyramids base, all seemingly-separated by choirs eight, these the lower stories three which shall even be an harbor for the Ship of the Solitary Father.
1411. \ O Thou Great Mariner who art One, helm and harness thyself, bind thyself to the center-mast, the crew, once at mutiny, now is made Whole.
1412. \ Even they shall be the countless eyes in Michael’s wings, the many colored, the moving-lenses in the lone Eye of the Great Temple, Saints in stained-glass stories and moving tapestries and paintings, an ever-opened window to throw seed forth before the Divine Mother, strewn flowers before her path.
1413. \ If the child sleeps not, one night lonesome and cold, but looks out upon the dissolving world-window, and thrice sings a prayer so sincere, so heart-felt that the Aeyther trembles, and the lunar-faerys swim in their own burning tears, and the shades of the hungry and prowling are struck dumb, their living-gowns restored by the living-fires of mine joy; I shall even rise within them, the dead-souls and the ghosts of the wretched and bitter, the wrathful and forlorn, the unloved shall even be loved by me, for I shall enter in even as the centaurs arrow.
1414. \ Each black heart shall I refashion by the living-waters, these shall even fill the forgotten, the drunken-dead with new life; I shall transform the witches of the autumn-storms into young girls, pale as marble, so beautiful in the moons blue light.
1415. \ This, the great fire-prayer of the prince, the returning kiss to the Lady of the Blue veil.
1416. \ Then will I come, a comfort, an unfolding blue rose of outspreading fires, that I might gather up with mine petals these strewn stones cast careless across the earth, your brothers and sisters, the children of the Invisible, and I shall even raise a fortress of protection before them; When the greed and gravity of your tissues consumes, when the black-fires of your dividing thoughts bind the moving-power of your limbs, I shall even lay mine palm upon your heaving chest, lighten your heavy heart and raise you up, for the Earth is that which I own, and its powers are not present before me, in the presence of the Living Light.
1417. \ In the Lady’s waiting chamber I sat enclosed in a coffin of ivory.
1418. \ Here it was where I first remembered her words, I had slain myself and stilled the outside-airs, cut myself a tiny-boat from the mammoth-tusk.
1419. \ It was so dark and cold, though Life shone through, as Light beneath a Door.
1420. \ I was so lonely, empty as the Void, and felt nothing but a numbness in my bowels-depths, even my tears became as burning lead upon my cheeks.
1421. \ A prayer in my breast flew forth, a black-butterfly, with lambent-wings-of-wet-fire.
1422. \ Not even the gravity of the old-gods could net her as she flew through the rolling spheres, for Hope held her up, mine Fathers breathless-breath.
1423. \ She took on colors as she flew, her wings branded by each archons-hue, a pale moth, a monarch, a dragonfly of bloody-fires, until she rose upon the still-winds, upon the living-grace of the Eighth, when black she again became.
1424. \ The little butterfly bequeathed my prayer there, in Sophia’s arms, an exquisite garment for my Lady.
1425. \ This is what my Lady read, a translation which much suffers.
1426. \ For the pangs of the Eternal-Alive are weary to be told..
1427. \ This, an Aching for my Lady, Astraea...
1428. \ Long have I asked; What is it that lies hidden behind her, as winds-forlorn caress the summer-violets, or evening-storm broods in love above the Earth?
1429. \ What is it that emanates from an unborn-birth?
1430. \ What hides behind her lambent-smile, the pale of her silver-eyes?
1431. \ A Hand unseen that Beauty shapes, a sacrifice of calm to quake the torn mountain of every heart.
1432. \ A fashioner of worlds she is, a mover of fires, a solitary-song upon an unsettled-sea.
1433. \ The Voice of God that leapt and fell into the lap of Night.
1434. \ So soft it was, so lovely the strain, I dreamt an eroding-Age away.
1435. \ What is it that eclipses forgotten-day?
1436. \ I remembered, as the stars unwound, your wedding-gown, a bridal-bed unmade, collapsed into feast and fray; the dancing and warring-lights.
1437. \ Here a flower, here a star, now a world, a window of parting-fires through which One may enter in.
1438. \ The Gates to the Garden of Bliss, the Garden of Sorrows also, wherein lie work and war, love and death.
1439. \ All threads of silk woven into that fabric, Serpents of the curious bound by attraction, made tame by the Music of a Muse.
1440. \ What is it that demands satisfaction at all cost?
1441. \ The insane cravings, the want of some foreign image to abuse...
1442. \ To devour, collect, and house; to perfect that which is without, within..
1443. \ What of ownership and possession? Shall I protect or imprison? Stolen Fire or Divine Gift?
1444. \ A Gift, a Shard, a burning Splinter of Fire from the Unknown, the Foreseeable-Unforeseen.
1445. \ This Dance, War, Victory, Loss; Give vent... laughter, tears, beautiful daughters of Woe, Oh how I love thee!
1446. \ What makes us grasp at a thought, an idea, or feeling, perhaps love unfathomed, untranslatable, translated into a blasphemy of empty-forms, dead-words?
1447. \ Like an angel caught to close to God’s burning-braids, fallen disenchanted, the holy-kiss blasts the fruit from the knowing-tree; still ever we climb, trample upon the weak, the diseased, lost in fields of symbol and slaughter, now addicted to flesh, form, feeling, all for a taste of paradise.
1448. \ What God in me must I devour and bind with a rope of gold, an airy-yoke, a harness of invisible, phantom-fire, All-Chaos knows this Name, this Name unspoken of.
1449. \ What of that which gnaws at the breast? One may love when Naught exists, when fantasy fails, like so much spilt seed, poison tears shed upon limp-limbs...
1450. \ O solemn-beast of unconscious-clay, living but for the pain of daylight, every accidental impression, outer and inner, moves you like a pawn upon the field of battle.
1451. \ O Supreme Automaton, self-punisher disguised a tyrant, a vicious-tormenter;
1452. \ You even hide in the shadow of your activity, scourging the Christos in you, licking the purple-bruises like plums, so tender, even drawing your own blood for fashioned thirst, like wine from the rock, smiling at your own strange-sufferings.
1453. \ Consciousness; My Will to Know; my dream, my writing, my speaking; Even hold these fading-flowers to my face as I inhale their precious scent. It is through Me that the Dead shall resurrect.
1454. \ All is said in Slumber, All is said in Silence.
1455. \ My Love for you, O Astraea, I bear up...
1456. \ I give this Vision to the winds, my fire to the ashes, my light to the damned, the lonely, the unloved, that they may rise up and ponder thy living-beauty, and experience thy giving-power, Oh Lady of the Stars.
1457. \ I saw the coming of the Night-Queen.
1458. \ In the nave of the Blue-lady’s house, a Black-Madonna rests, so still, yet slowly Moving
1459. \ Like a pillar of dark-earth She stands and stirs, deeply-simmering, some black-wind has come and carved her Lovely-face and form from the starving-light.
1460. \ She stood in solitude, bearing in her lap a Lamp;
1461. \ Oh sweet Child, I Know what You Bind with your soft smile, your Great Spirit!
1462. \ An ocean of souls; She gathers into the dark-folds of her celestial-dress, concealed.
1463. \ Charred like burnt-bone in black earth, carved into totems, the living-wells of fractured-light.
1464. \ Oh Child-Bride, Mother of Night giving suck and splendor to each leviathan lost beneath the veil of shame, below the unbridled-depths, the cradle of sin where Satan sits, even with me.
1465. \ She wrestles and rides him as She sleeps, him to her a waking dream never dreamt, his wings the sulphur-breath of the wheels of the winds, spiralling-suns, hammer-thrown to the quarters of the boundless, now bound by a million reins of flickering light, spider-spun, an extreme-expanse of disguising-Time.
1466. \ Her eyes are closed, Vishnu-like, She has been blinded by the burning-throne, ever inward now She looks.
1467. \ Ever She presses to her breast, her filled-images carved of her body, carved in black-stone, set upon a tree of malachite, thick in ice and amaranth, the forests of the fallen angels.
1468. \ A Child calls Home, here, within the boundaries of his skull, a scarab, veins of ganglia, roads to travel, a garden between solitary-shores.
1469. \ Between the limits of the sky storm-clad, the journey of the living and the dead, blue-lightning-strewn his thoughts, intuition, like smoke rising, of higher things, forbidden-fires, god-creating-solar-airs carrying heavy-water to burst, to bleed the subterranean-dam where the Four-rivers flow.
1470. \ His Body a Mountain, his Mind a Valley, his Soul an Orchard upon the Earth, an Orchard so verdant, A Spirit to dress it so lovely.
1471. \ He, like a Shepard rests, within him taketh shape a thousand miracles, the doors of the divine chapel thrown open, the lonely tower lay I its midst upon a mount, born up as a center-spool, transfiguring-fires, a pleasant Pool.